The Shadow and Night by Chris Walley

The Shadow and Night by Chris Walley Imagine a perfect world. A world with no sin, no war, no murder, no theft, no need for law enforcement or weapons. A world where everyone believes in and worships the one true God. A world totally at peace. Farholme is just such a place – a man made world in the distant future many light years from earth.

Chris Walley has done a superb job of creating a perfectly believable world with characters that have depth and whom you come to care about.

The primary story line deals with the subtle introduction of evil into this perfect world. As in all stories of good and evil, a hero emerges (however reluctantly) with various other team players.

Although the plot moves slowly at first, it sets the stage for the later action by giving the reader an understanding of the environment and the characters involved. I would recommend The Shadow and Night to anyone who enjoys science fiction or fantasy novels.

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