Welcome to My World!

My earliest memories include a fascination with the world of books. My mother tells of my returning from my first day of school complaining that I hadn’t learned to read yet. I suppose that I must have been told that I would learn to read after I went to school and imagined that it was something magic that happened by osmosis or the like. Fortunately (or unfortunately) the desire was there and the road to an obsession began.

During my elementary years, my two sisters and I were taken to the library where we had a limit of four books each. I think I read all of my books and theirs too. And that was in addition to those I was allowed to check out of the school library.

It would be a total disaster (in my mind) if I did not have a book available to read at all times. I cannot imagine life without books or at least something to read. I have been known to read shampoo bottles in the shower. I also seem to have an aversion to doing away with printed material, thus the stacks of magazines and paperbacks that threaten to bury me.

My books of choice at this time of my life are in the Christian fiction genre. I have been known to read almost anything available at the library but became uncomfortable with the increasingly explicit material in most novels. There are several authors I really enjoy but have given up because of the content.

My plan here is to discuss or review books I have recently read and enjoyed. I hope that you will join me in this journey. I am a totally new blogger so I am not too sure of what I am doing. Please be patient with me.

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