Exposing the Spiritual Roots of Diabetes


As a diabetic for a number of years, I was intrigued by the book Exposing the Spiritual Roots of Diabetes. I hoped to gain some knowledge that would at least help work with my meds to help control my glucose levels more efficiently. Naturally I’d love to be healed from this awful condition if possible.

This book is much more than I expected. Not only does it explain how diabetes affects the body and some of the spiritual issues that may be responsible for it as well as keeping it active. The doctor also goes into detail about how the body works and how our minds affect crucial systems within our bodies. To top it off, this book has a clear explanation complete with a wealth of scripture to back it up of how our relationship to the Lord affects every aspect of our lives, even our health.

This is one book that not only applies to diabetes but probably every other disease that affects us. With detailed scripture, the doctor shows us how to apply Biblical truth to our lives in order to develop the relationship we need and the faith that results from it.

Obviously, overcoming physical disease will not be an easy one time fix but will require concentrated effort toward recognizing the problem, repentance, and drawing closer to the Lord. Exposing the Spiritual Roots of Diabetes would make an excellent Bible study and a personal handbook for deep study.

I voluntarily reviewed a digital copy of this book provided by Celebrate Lit. A favorable review was not required. All views expressed are my own.


Book: Exposing the Spiritual Roots of Diabetes

Author: Dr. Henry W. Wright

Genre: BODY, MIND & SPIRIT / Healing/Prayer & Spiritual/HEALTH & FITNESS / Diseases/Diabetes

Release date: December 7, 2021

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A Pathway of Healing 

Are you in a battle with type 1 or type 2 diabetes? Did you know that over 30 million Americans suffer from diabetes (90 percent of them with type 2) and the ill effects it can cause their bodies? This disease has become a plague in our anxiety-filled and often overweight society. Thankfully, God created the human body, and He has a unique and loving plan for your health. You can discover principles for moving from your illness to His pathway of healing.

Exposing the Spiritual Roots of Diabetes reveals the unseen forces that trigger disease from within and how we can overcome them. Dr. Henry Wright’s teachings, based on medical findings and powerful biblical truths, affirm that it is God’s will for you to be healthy and whole—in your spirit, soul, and body. If you think you’ve read all you need to know about healing and disease prevention, it’s time to take another look!



Dr. Henry W. Wright (1944–2019) was the president and founder of Be in Health Global. He was exposed to the power of God’s healing at an early age when his mother was miraculously cured of terminal cancer and a fatal tumor that was wrapped around her jugular vein. Wright was committed to the belief that human problems are fundamentally spiritual, with associated physical and psychological manifestations. With his insights into the medical as well as the spiritual aspects of disease, he brought a fresh perspective to the process of ministering to the sick. He presented conferences worldwide and across broad denominational lines for over twenty-five years and was a frequent guest on many well-known television and radio programs. Be in Health continues to carry on Dr. Wright’s vision and ministry, hosting the world-renowned For My Life Retreats in Thomaston, Georgia.

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This book reveals the unseen forces that trigger disease from within and how we can overcome them. Dr. Henry Wright’s teachings, based on medical findings and powerful biblical truths, affirm that it is God’s will for you to be healthy and whole—in your spirit, soul, and body. If you think you’ve read all you need to know about healing, it’s time to take another look!




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Show Up For Your Life Blog Blitz

Welcome to the Blitz Spotlight for the Show Up for Your Life by Crystal Evans Hurst with JustRead Publicity Tours!


Title: Show Up for Your Life
Author: Chrystal Evans Hurst
Publisher: Zondervan
Genre: Young Adult Christian Living
Release Date: February 5, 2019

What does the women you’ll be tomorrow want you to know today? Show Up for Your Life by gifted writer, speaker, and worship leader Chrystal Evans Hurst will help young women ages 13 and up stop worrying about the small stuff and start embracing who they are in God’s eyes.

From Chrystal Evans Hurst, popular author of the adult title She’s Still There, comes Show Up for Your Life, a book that empowers young women to appreciate their divinely-created uniqueness instead of comparing themselves to others.

Chrystal shares her own stories that will inspire young women to stop worrying—whether it’s about how to dress, who they hang with, or any of the other daily ups and downs of life—and face every day with an attitude of mindfulness and gratitude. Chrystal’s conversational tone, honesty, and humble wisdom make this book perfect for young adult readers who seek to be all God intended them to be while living a positive, impactful life.

Show Up for Your Life helps young women ages 13 and up:

  • Remember all the positives in their life now and not get stuck in anxiety over the future.
  • Recognize their unique, God-given gifts.
  • Deal with distractions that throw them off course from God’s plan for them.
    Stop comparing themselves to others.

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Chrystal Evans Hurst is the best-selling author of She’s Still There and co-author of Kingdom Woman with her father, Dr. Tony Evans. She reaches a wide audience speaking at conferences, writing for Proverbs 31 Ministries, and teaching and leading women in her home church. Chrystal also cultivates hearts and commands chaos as the chief operating officer of the Hurst household. She and her husband Jessie adore their three hungry boys, two adult girls, one son-in-love, and two grandchildren. Find Chrystal sharing her journey at ChrystalEvansHurst.com.


website | facebook | twitter| instagram


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John Shaw’s Guide to Digital Nature Photography

Digital Nature Photography


 John Shaw’s Guide to Digital Nature Photography is a handbook that could be beneficial to both inexperienced and experienced photographers. It is jam-packed with information that begins with suggestions about which equipment to purchase and concludes with a chapter on photo editing.

Each chapter is illustrated with gorgeous photos taken by the author that highlight whatever aspect of photography is being discussed. There is too much information in this book to read once and find yourself ready to take prize-winning photos. This is a manual that can be referred to again and again, not only for tips but for another look at those fantastic photos.

I feel that I learned a good bit during my initial scan through its pages and will be checking in again for answers to specific questions as I practice my photography skills. 

This book was provided for review by Blogging for Books.


Photography legend John Shaw returns with his much-anticipated guide to digital nature photography, complete with more than 250 extraordinarily beautiful photographs.

For over four decades, John Shaw’s authentic voice and trusted advice has helped photographers achieve impressive shots in the great outdoors. In his first-ever book on digital photography, Shaw provides in-depth advice on everything from equipment and lenses to thorough coverage of digital topics including how to use the histogram. In addition, he offers inspirational and frank insight that goes far beyond the nuts and bolts of photography, explaining that successful photos come from having a vision, practicing, and then acquiring the equipment needed to accomplish the intention. Easily digestible and useful for every type of photographer, and complete with more than 250 jaw-dropping images, John Shaw’s Guide to Digital Nature Photography is the one book you’ll need to beautifully capture the world around you.


John ShawJOHN SHAW is the author of many enduring bestsellers, including seven previous books on nature photography. His work is frequently featured in National Geographic, Nature’s Best, National Wildlife, Outdoor Photographer, Natural History, Sierra, and Audubon magazines, as well as in calendars, books, and advertisements. He has photographed on every continent, from the Arctic to the Antarctic, and leads sold-out workshops around the globe. Visit him at johnshawphoto.com.

Escaping the Cauldron by Kristine McGuire


“Escaping the Cauldron” chronicles Kristine’s eight years in the occult as a “Christian” witch, a medium, and a ghost hunter. Although she believes she was saved at a young age, Kristine had always been fascinated by the dark side. When found no answers to her marriage and financial problems through her church, she began to look for solutions elsewhere and soon found herself an actively practicing witch while attempting to continue her church life also.

This book not only tells Kristine’s personal story but is filled with a wealth of stark facts about the occult. Each chapters is filled with scripture as Kristine makes it a point to emphasize what the Bible has to say about each topic. At the end of each chapter is a concluding verse as well as several questions to discuss and/or consider. Later chapters are Kristine’s attempt to guide other Christians on various contemporary controversial topics such as “Harry Potter”, “Twilight”, Yoga, etc.

I applaud McGuire’s strong use of scripture to back up her stance on the danger of witchcraft and dabbling in other occult practices. I also liked the fact that she included an entire chapter with the gospel message to give readers the opportunity to receive the only true answer to their problems. While I may not agree 100% with her opinion on some of the more controversial topics, it is not a real issue. After all, the topics would not be controversial if everyone agreed and I realize that I might tend to take a more rigid stance on these topics because of my own observations. I was a bit surprised that the subject of current music was not addressed but then, that might take another book to cover.

All in all, “Escaping the Cauldron” is an honest and informative tool that should open readers’ eyes to the subtle ways the occult has infiltrated our society. I for one never knew about the widespread numbers of people who consider themselves Christian witches.


This book was provided for review by Glass Road Public Relations.

From the Back Cover:

An eight-year journey through the occult and into freedom.

Escaping the Cauldron exposes the subtle occult influences that affect 21st century Christians. Part Bible study, part memoir, this book takes the reader deep inside Kristine’s eight year journey as a witch, medium, and ghost hunter and reveals how God delivered her out of the occult altogether and mercifully restored her faith and life in Christ.


Kristine McGuire is an inspirational writer and speaker, sharing her testimony and encouraging others in their walk with Christ. A gifted writer, her work has been featured on Positively Feminine, Faithful Devotions, and Praise & Coffee Magazine (Fall 2011).

Kristine ‘s first book, Escaping the Cauldron, is an informative memoir and Bible study, recounting her journey from committed Christian to witch, medium, and ghost hunter for eight years until restored to faith in Jesus Christ.

Kristine is a wife and the mother of two adult daughters. She enjoys writing, spending time with her family, long walks, listening to music of all kinds, and experiencing God’s daily gift called life.

Zombie Church by Tyler Edwards


I have a confession to make. I have not finished reading “Zombie Church”. But I will. It is that good. I just ran out of time before my assigned date.

When I first started reading “Zombie Church” I quickly found several statements that applied to other people and situations with which I was familiar. You know how easy it is to see that splinter in the other person’s eye and ignore the plank in your own. That’s exactly how it was for me. THEN – what Tyler Edwards was saying started to make me a little uncomfortable. Yeah, he was talking about ME too! I kept reading and realized that many of the Christians I know are in danger of becoming zombies if they are not already infected. This book has been a wake-up call for me and I feel that the Lord has already begun talking to me about what steps I need to take before I succumb.

The title and cover of this book are attention grabbers and one might be tempted to brush it off as something not worthwhile. Inside that catchy cover is a plainspoken and unapologetic attempt to wake up the church before it’s too late. The use of zombies to  illustrate a very real problem is both clever and an apt comparison. The author uses personal stories that help get his point across. I also found the boxed highlights of key thoughts to be quite helpful. Edwards paints a clear picture of many problems within the modern church but doesn’t stop there. He offers practical solutions that should help bring new and much needed life to the church if acted upon.

I have already recommended “Zombie Church” to several of my friends and will probably purchase a few copies to give away. In my opinion, this book should be on the required reading list for church leadership and would also be great for a study group. If anyone can read this book and not come away convicted, he may just have reached zombie stage himself. Go pick up a copy of “Zombie Church” and allow it to transform your heart so that you can be instrumental in bringing life back to the church.

This book was provided for review by LitFuse Publicity.

A creative, entertaining approach to resurrecting the undead church.

There is something missing in the church today. Stuck in a rut of routines and rituals, the church is caught up in doing what it is “supposed to do” but is lacking the true essence of what it is supposed to provide: life. Real faith–and a real relationship with Jesus–is not about playing by the rules, attending services, and praying before meals. Real faith is more than religion.

Believing there is a way to breathe life back into the church, Tyler Edwards adopts a contemporary and entertaining metaphor–zombies–to highlight and challenge the problematic attitude of today’s believers.

Written for the discouraged, disenfranchised, and anyone unsatisfied with their same-old church routine, Zombie Church challenges readers to turn away from hollow religious practices, which characterize “zombie Christianity,” and turn toward a radical relationship with Jesus.

While other books have addressed legalism in the church, this is the only book that effectively capitalizes on a popular entertainment genre in order to diagnose and correct the problem. Realizing that even his own church is part of that problem, Edwards has written an accessible and often humorous book that will help believers change the Spirit-draining (or life-draining) habits that stop them from achieving a full, fulfilling life in Christ. Order a copy HERE.


Tyler Edwards is the lead pastor at Cornerstone Christian Church in Joplin, Missouri, where he works to help people learn how to live like Jesus, love like Jesus, and look like Jesus—so they carry out the mission of Jesus to the world. He graduated from Ozark ChristianCollege with bachelor’s degrees in both Biblical Literature and Christian Ministry. He has written articles for Lookout Magazine, spoken at various campus ministry events in Missouri, and served overseas in Mbale, Uganda.

Tyler loves cheesy horror films. He is particularly fond of movies like Dawn of the Dead, The Signal, and 28 Days Later, where zombies run wild and threaten to infect an entire town. Connect with Tyler on Facebook.


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Winning Him Without Words by Lynn Donovan & Dineen Miller

This week, the
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is introducing
Winning Him Without Words
Regal (February 15, 2011)
Lynn Donovan & Dineen Miller



Lynn Donovan

Verse: John 15:5  Apart from Me you can do nothing.

Tagline: Challenging Women to Live in Truth

A passionate writer and speaker, Lynn is a woman who presents a compelling message to encourage women to thrive in their marriage. She speaks at events nationwide where she challenges the myths women believe about love, pointing them to life-changing freedom through a relationship with Jesus. She reveals the zany yet meaningful stories of marriage challenges, truths, and triumphs in her life and invites women to share her view from her front row seat to an amazing journey; life lived for Christ.

Married since 1992 to her best friend and biggest enthusiast, Mike, she lives in Temecula, California. They have a son and a daughter and a wacky dog named Peanut. She loves to laugh, enjoys a strong cup of coffee and Fantasy Football and not necessarily in that order.

She lives each day in awe of the grace of God in her ordinary life.


Dineen Miller

Verse: Romans 8:28 And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.

Tagline: Igniting the Soul

Dineen readily admits that one of the greatest lessons she’s learning about life is that there’s purpose in our trials. And it’s all about trusting God and putting our hope in Him. Her favorite stories will always be of the miracles God has wrought in the lives of her family.

Through this lens she also believes her years as a youth counselor, a Stephen Minister, a women’s ministry leader, and a small group leader have prepared her for God’s calling on her life—to write for and speak to those in mismatched marriages like hers.

In addition to writing for Spiritually Unequal Marriage, Dineen writes for Laced with Grace and various other fiction online magazines and newsletters. She’s also won several prestigious awards for her fiction, and her devotional writing has been featured in Our Journey and Christian Women Online Magazine.

Married for 23 years to a guy who keeps her young, she lives in the Bay Area with her husband, two precious daughters, and their dog Shasta, who no doubt is an angel in disguise.


Week after week, they sit in church . . . alone. They are the spiritually mismatched, those who are committed to a spouse who does not share their faith. Feeling abandoned by their spouse and forgotten by their church, they live out their faith in survival mode, guarding the spiritual flame yet never feeling free to share it. But God wants them to thrive—not just survive.

Winning Him Without Words presents 10 Christ centered keys to thriving in a spiritual mismatch. Readers are encouraged to commit to Christian community, to release their spouse to God’s capable hands, to find peace in their relationships with Christ and with their spouse, to continue their pursuit of a growing faith and to love their spouse with fresh enthusiasm. God wants every marriage to exude peace and love, and Winning Him Without Words empowers readers to create that environment in their homes and thrive as God works.

Watch their book video:

If you would like to read a sample chapter of Winning Him Without Words, go HERE