The Way of the Brave by Susan May Warren


Anyone who knows me well is aware that I have always had a major problem with heights so I was just a bit nervous about reading Susan May Warren’s latest novel The Way of the Brave. After all most of the story revolves around climbing Denali, in the winter no less! Because I love all books by this author and do not want to ever miss reading even one of them, I dove into this one fulling expecting nightmares. I can thankfully say that I survived the journey without even one nightmare but if this story ever becomes a movie, I don’t think I could handle it.

I am also happy to say that aside from Denali, winter storms, treacherous climbs, altitude sickness, and an accident or two, the author’s trademark focus on characterization was evident throughout. Orion Starr (don’t you love that name?) was indeed a worthy hero who despite his reconstructed knee and PTSD and no wish to join another rescue team, jumps into action when asked to help find and rescue three lost climbers. Jenny Calhoun’s past also keeps her running with ever more dangerous physical challenges to try to stop the memories. With a brief past connection, she holds a secret Orion is unaware of and fears his reaction when he learns the truth about her.

The Way of the Brave was an excellent tale filled with plenty of danger and suspense as well as hold-your-breath scenes. Each and every character was important to the story and I look forward to seeing some of the others featured in their own personal novel. Warren always has a strong and important message woven into her stories and this one is no different. I may not care for high places and would never think about climbing even a small mountain, much less Denali, but I thoroughly enjoyed this book. As always I recommend it as well as every other book this author has written. They just keep getting better and better!

I voluntarily reviewed a copy of this book provided by Revell, a division of Baker Publishing Group. A favorable review was not required. All views expressed are my own.


Haunted by the memory of a rescue gone wrong, former pararescue jumper Orion Starr has no desire to join Hamilton Jones’s elite rescue team. But he also can’t shirk his duty when the call comes in to rescue three lost climbers on Denali in Alaska.

Jenny Calhoun’s yearly extreme challenge with her best friends is her only escape from her guilt. The former CIA profiler and psychiatrist green-lighted an operation against the Taliban that ended in ambush and lives lost. When her cathartic climb on Denali turns deadly, she’ll be forced to trust her life to the most dangerous of heroes–the man she nearly killed.

Orion and Jenny will have to put their wounds behind them to save their friends . . . and their hearts.

Read an excerpt here.


Susan May Warren is the USA Today bestselling author of over 65 novels with more than 1 million books sold, including the Montana Rescue series. Winner of a RITA Award and multiple Christy and Carol Awards, as well as the HOLT Medallion and numerous Readers’ Choice Awards, Susan has written contemporary and historical romances, romantic suspense, thrillers, romantic comedy, and novellas. She makes her home in Minnesota. Find her online at, on Facebook at Susan May Warren Fiction, and on Twitter @susanmaywarren.

Troubled Waters by Susan May Warren


I MUST obtain each and every one of Susan May Warren’s books as soon as it is available and if at all possible, I love to have an advanced reader’s copy. I love her books so much that she would have to be superhuman to write them fast enough for me. I was blessed to receive and early copy of “Troubled Waters” which totally reinforced my love of her writing skills. I am in awe! If only I could write a review that does it justice.

I am certain that most readers who have been following the entire Montana Rescue series have been eagerly awaiting this book, hoping to finally find out what happens between Ian Shaw and Sierra Rose. The wait is over and in my opinion it was well worth it. Mysteries were solved and secrets revealed along with nail-biting adventure filled with extreme danger and exciting rescues. And of course we finally found out the rest of Ian and Sierra’s story but you need to read that for yourself.

“Troubled Waters” was so good that I’d love to go back to read it again if my review schedule would allow. Meanwhile it will hold an honored spot on my bookshelf waiting for me to find that chance. I loved catching up with the rest of the PEAK rescue squad, especially Pete and Jess. I am looking forward to reading their story next. In my opinion, “Troubled Waters” may have been the most suspense filled novel from this author yet. It certainly held my attention. I really love reading these exciting suspense filled stories that are so filled with a strong Christian message and quotable lines.

If you are not already a Susan May Warren fan, you need to give her novels a try. “Troubled Waters’ might be a good place to start but I would advise at least beginning with the first book of the series and carry on from there. You may just become a fan like me.

I voluntarily reviewed a copy of this book provided by the author. A favorable review was not required. All views expressed are my own.


Billionaire Ian Shaw can have everything he wants–except a happy ending. Or at least that’s what it feels like with his fortune recently liquidated, his niece, Esme, still missing, and the woman he loves refusing to speak to him. In fact, he doubts she would date him even if they were stranded on a deserted island.

Despite her love for Ian, Sierra Rose knows he has no room in his life for her as long as the mystery of his missing niece goes unsolved. The only problem is, Sierra has solved it, but a promise to Esme to keep her whereabouts secret has made it impossible to be around Ian.

When the PEAK chopper is damaged and Sierra lacks the funds to repair it, Ian offers a fundraising junket for large donors on his yacht in the Caribbean. But the three-day excursion turns into a nightmare when a rogue wave cripples the yacht and sends the passengers overboard. Shaken up and soaked to the bone, Ian finally has a chance to test his theory when he and Sierra do indeed find themselves washed up on a strange, empty shore.

It will take guts and gumption for the PEAK team to rescue the duo. But it will take a miracle to rescue Ian and Sierra’s relationship.

Read an excerpt from “Troubled Waters” HERE.


Susan May Warren is the ECPA and CBA bestselling author of over fifty novels, including Wild Montana Skies, with more than one million books sold. Winner of a RITA Award and multiple Christy and Carol Awards, as well as the HOLT and numerous Readers’ Choice Awards, Susan has written contemporary and historical romances, romantic suspense, thrillers, romantic comedy, and novellas. She can be found online at, on Facebook at SusanMayWarrenFiction, and on Twitter @susanmaywarren.


A Matter Of Trust by Susan May Warren


Susan May Warren has long been one of my favorite authors and is definitely on my don’t miss short list. It is always exciting when I actually receive a copy of her latest book to review but it is no question that I WILL have a copy asap. I actually purchased the first two books in this series and loved them so I was happy to receive a review copy from Revell for “A Matter of Trust”.

One of the most adrenaline laced books I have encountered, “A Matter of Trust” had me holding my breath at times while hoping Gage and Ella would find her brother and that all of them would actually make it down the mountain alive. Yet this book is more than just action and adventure, daring and danger. The emotionally charged story explores the depths of feelings between Gage and Ella who must decide if they can trust each other despite their disastrous past. A beautiful story of forgiveness, “A Matter of Trust” is one I will long remember.

The author has such a way with words that it was easy to imagine myself on the mountainside in Glacier National Park. I also had the positive reinforcement of gorgeous photos from my daughter and her husband’s recent visit there.

I am pleased to know that there are more installments coming in the Montana Rescue series and I am certain that I will be reading each and every one of them.

I voluntarily reviewed a copy of this book provided by Revell, a division of Baker Publishing Group. A favorable review was not required. All views expressed are my own.


It’s those we love who have the power to hurt us most . . .

Champion backcountry snowboarder Gage Watson has left the limelight behind after the death of one of his fans. After being sued for negligence and stripped of his sponsorships, he’s remade his life as a ski patrol in Montana’s rugged mountains, as well as serving on the PEAK Rescue team. But he can’t seem to find his footing–or forget the woman who betrayed him.

Senator and former attorney Ella Blair spends much of her time in the public eye as one of the youngest senators in the country. But she has a secret–one that cost Gage his career. More than anything, she wants to atone for her betrayal of him in the courtroom and find a way to help him put his career back on track.

When Ella’s brother goes missing on one of Glacier National Park’s most dangerous peaks, Gage and his team are called in for the rescue. But Gage isn’t so sure he wants to help the woman who destroyed his life. More, when she insists on joining the search, he’ll have to keep her safe while finding her reckless brother–a recipe for disaster when a snowstorm hits the mountain.

Read an excerpt from “A Matter of Trust HERE.

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Susan May Warren is the USA Today, ECPA, and CBA bestselling author of over fifty novels with more than one million books sold, including Wild Montana Skies and Rescue Me. Winner of a RITA Award and multiple Christy and Carol Awards, as well as the HOLT and numerous Readers’ Choice Awards, Susan has written contemporary and historical romances, romantic suspense, thrillers, romantic comedy, and novellas. She can be found online at, on Facebook at Susan May Warren Fiction, and on Twitter @susanmaywarren.





Storm by Bonnie Calhoun


It has been awhile and many books in between since I read the previous books in Bonnie’s Stone Braide Chronicles so it took me just a bit to reacclimate myself to Selah’s world. It didn’t take too long to catch back up somewhat and jump into the action along with Selah and her crew in their quest to complete the Third Protocol and potentially save not only Selah but other inhabitants of their world.

In this fast-paced and action-packed story, Selah, along with her friends and family are racing against time to complete their mission and they seem to run into roadblocks everywhere they turn. It seems that the very ones who should want to help Selah do not trust her and wish to destroy her. Meanwhile Selah’s abilities have advanced but she also can tell her strength is ebbing away. Time is running out and it looks like all they have been through could be in vain.

Although I am not a huge dystopian fiction fan, I did mostly enjoy “Storm” and the rest of the Stone Braide Chronicles. The main characters are strong and I was happy with the way Selah matured over the course of the series and grew in her compassion toward others. I believe this series would be a good one for those who enjoy dystopian fiction and might be looking for a less secular series.

I voluntarily reviewed a copy of this book that was provided by Revell, a division of Baker Publishing Group. A favorable review was not required and all views expressed are my own.


Selah’s mind and life are beginning to fracture. Can she complete the Third Protocol before it’s too late?

As Selah and her companions mourn the loss of those who died in the Mountain, they are faced with a new threat. Selah must complete the Third Protocol before she fractures and loses herself completely. All clues lead to the West, but what will they find when they get there? The other side of the mountains holds unknown perils–volcanic ash, dangerous storms, and strange new settlements that could hold the keys to Selah’s quest . . . or lead to her destruction.

The clock is ticking and Selah’s abilities are growing–along with the list of those out for her blood. Selah must find the strength within herself to keep going and complete the mission for which so many have sacrificed so much.

But have she and her companions pinned their hopes on nothing more than a legend?

Read an excerpt from “Storm” Here.


Bonnie S. Calhoun is the author of Thunder and Lightning, the first two books in the Stone Braide Chronicles. She loves to write, but it doesn’t make her happy unless there are the three Bs: body count, blood, and blowing things up. She also has mad skills at coding HTML and website design. Bonnie lives in a log cabin in the woods with fifteen acres and a pond full of bass. But she’d rather buy fish, ready to eat and under plastic, at the grocery store. She shares her domain with a husband, a dog, and two cats, all of whom think she is waitstaff. Learn more at


The StoneKeepers by Sally Chambers

The Stonekeepers


When I agreed to review “The Stonekeepers”, I was unfamiliar with the author and took a chance because I thought the book might be interesting. I did not realize that teens and young adults seem to be its targeted audience. Nevertheless, I thoroughly enjoyed reading it.

From the very beginning the author sets the perfect tone with a mysterious old house that seems to reach out to Lexi Christensen. When she learns that the house is scheduled to be torn down by the city, she and her two best friends set out to stop it. Along the way, she discovers some secrets that actually do connect her to the old home. Little does she realize the adventure and danger she, her friends, and family will  encounter before summer is over.

The story itself is so imaginative yet keeps its characters and their relationships very realistic. I liked that Lexi was a typical teen who had conflicts with her parents, a crush on the same guy her best friend claimed, yet she was always determined to practice her faith and to follow the gentle voice of the Holy Spirit.

I believe this is a book that would be enjoyed by most teens and even some adults. I enjoyed it and these days I am far from young.

This book was provided for review by The Bookclub Network.


For the past eighteen years, Lexi Christensen has been sheltered from the truth, protected by a soft-cushioned life of normalcy, until the contents of an envelope link her to an ancient vow. All Lexi wants is to get out from between the vise grips of her suddenly protective parents, rescue an historic mansion before she leaves for college, and stop herself from falling in love with the man her best friend claims to love. But finding the envelope thrusts her into new choices . . . and new danger. Someone knows more about Lexi’s heritage than she does, wants what she’s found, and will risk her life to get it. As her future twists into an incredible mission that propels her from her sand-ringed island home to a foreign mountaintop, she’s in a race against both time and danger. Her faith may be strong, but is God asking too much?


Sally ChambersSally Chambers lives in warmth and sunshine among palm fronds, revels in sea breezes, loves the feel of sand between her toes, and braces for hurricanes annually. She, her husband, and two married children call Florida home. Sally writes for young adults, new adults, and women of all ages who enjoy contemporary inspirational fiction that’s a blend of easy drama, suspense, and light romance.

In the Heart of the Dark Wood By Billy Coffey

In the Heart of the Dark Wood


 Allie Granderson has never found closure after her mother vanished except for one pink tennis shoe during the tornado that nearly destroyed their hometown of Mattingly. Obsessed with a toy compass and a Nativity yard figure, Allie is mostly lost with no one left but her father who regularly loses himself in a bottle. A series of unusual events just days before Christmas leads Allie and her best friend Zach on a quest to find her mother but they actually find themselves lost in the middle of a dark and mysterious wood. In those woods, the pair face unimagined fears and possible death as Allie’s determination to find her mother at times borders on madness.

I fear that I do not have adequate words to express what I thought and/or felt about “In the Heart of the Dark Wood “. Coffey’s genius with words and lyrical style are a pleasure to read. I found myself amazed at how well he was able to get into the minds of the children and relate their inner thoughts on what was going on in their lives, especially with Allie’s inauguration into womanhood. At times it seemed that neither of the children would survive their dangerous experience and I almost feared turning to the next page.

All-in-all, “In the Heart of the Dark Wood” was a superlative reading experience that will probably enter my mind at odd times in the future. I liked how such a horrendous experience ended up with some very positive results and how both Allie and Zach came away with wisdom and understanding that many adults never find.

This book was provided for review by the BookLook Blogger Program of Harper Collins Christian Publishing.


A motherless girl hungry for hope . . . and the dream that could be leading her astray.

Almost two years have passed since twelve year-old Allie Granderson’s beloved mother Mary disappeared into the wild tornado winds. Her body has never been found. God may have spilled out his vengeance on all of Mattingly that day—but it was Allie’s momma who got swept away.

Allie clings to memories of her mother, just as she clings to the broken compass she left behind, the makeshift Nativity scene assembled in Allie’s front yard, and to her best friend, Zach. But even with Zach at her side, the compass tied to her wrist, and the Nativity characters just a glimpse out the window, Allie cannot help but feel lost in all the growing up that must get done.

When the Holy Mother disappears from the yard one morning, Allie’s bewilderment is checked only by the sudden movement of her mother’s compass. Yet the compass isn’t pointing north but east . . . into the inky forest on the outskirts of Mattingly.

Following the needle, Allie and Zach leave the city pavement behind and push into the line of trees edging on the Virginia hill country. For Allie, the journey is more than a ghost hunt: she is rejoining the mother she lost—and finding herself with each step deeper into the heart of the darkest woods she’s ever seen.

Brimming with lyrical prose and unexpected discoveries, In the Heart of the Dark Wood illustrates the steep transition we all must undergo—the moment we shed our child-like selves and step into the strange territory of adulthood.


Billy CoffeyBilly Coffey’s critically acclaimed books combine rural Southern charm with a vision far beyond the ordinary. He is a regular contributor to several publications, where he writes about faith and life. Billy lives with his wife and two children in Virginia’s Blue Ridge Mountains.