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Title: Show Up for Your Life
Author: Chrystal Evans Hurst
Publisher: Zondervan
Genre: Young Adult Christian Living
Release Date: February 5, 2019

What does the women you’ll be tomorrow want you to know today? Show Up for Your Life by gifted writer, speaker, and worship leader Chrystal Evans Hurst will help young women ages 13 and up stop worrying about the small stuff and start embracing who they are in God’s eyes.

From Chrystal Evans Hurst, popular author of the adult title She’s Still There, comes Show Up for Your Life, a book that empowers young women to appreciate their divinely-created uniqueness instead of comparing themselves to others.

Chrystal shares her own stories that will inspire young women to stop worrying—whether it’s about how to dress, who they hang with, or any of the other daily ups and downs of life—and face every day with an attitude of mindfulness and gratitude. Chrystal’s conversational tone, honesty, and humble wisdom make this book perfect for young adult readers who seek to be all God intended them to be while living a positive, impactful life.

Show Up for Your Life helps young women ages 13 and up:

  • Remember all the positives in their life now and not get stuck in anxiety over the future.
  • Recognize their unique, God-given gifts.
  • Deal with distractions that throw them off course from God’s plan for them.
    Stop comparing themselves to others.

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Chrystal Evans Hurst is the best-selling author of She’s Still There and co-author of Kingdom Woman with her father, Dr. Tony Evans. She reaches a wide audience speaking at conferences, writing for Proverbs 31 Ministries, and teaching and leading women in her home church. Chrystal also cultivates hearts and commands chaos as the chief operating officer of the Hurst household. She and her husband Jessie adore their three hungry boys, two adult girls, one son-in-love, and two grandchildren. Find Chrystal sharing her journey at


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The StoneKeepers by Sally Chambers

The Stonekeepers


When I agreed to review “The Stonekeepers”, I was unfamiliar with the author and took a chance because I thought the book might be interesting. I did not realize that teens and young adults seem to be its targeted audience. Nevertheless, I thoroughly enjoyed reading it.

From the very beginning the author sets the perfect tone with a mysterious old house that seems to reach out to Lexi Christensen. When she learns that the house is scheduled to be torn down by the city, she and her two best friends set out to stop it. Along the way, she discovers some secrets that actually do connect her to the old home. Little does she realize the adventure and danger she, her friends, and family will  encounter before summer is over.

The story itself is so imaginative yet keeps its characters and their relationships very realistic. I liked that Lexi was a typical teen who had conflicts with her parents, a crush on the same guy her best friend claimed, yet she was always determined to practice her faith and to follow the gentle voice of the Holy Spirit.

I believe this is a book that would be enjoyed by most teens and even some adults. I enjoyed it and these days I am far from young.

This book was provided for review by The Bookclub Network.


For the past eighteen years, Lexi Christensen has been sheltered from the truth, protected by a soft-cushioned life of normalcy, until the contents of an envelope link her to an ancient vow. All Lexi wants is to get out from between the vise grips of her suddenly protective parents, rescue an historic mansion before she leaves for college, and stop herself from falling in love with the man her best friend claims to love. But finding the envelope thrusts her into new choices . . . and new danger. Someone knows more about Lexi’s heritage than she does, wants what she’s found, and will risk her life to get it. As her future twists into an incredible mission that propels her from her sand-ringed island home to a foreign mountaintop, she’s in a race against both time and danger. Her faith may be strong, but is God asking too much?


Sally ChambersSally Chambers lives in warmth and sunshine among palm fronds, revels in sea breezes, loves the feel of sand between her toes, and braces for hurricanes annually. She, her husband, and two married children call Florida home. Sally writes for young adults, new adults, and women of all ages who enjoy contemporary inspirational fiction that’s a blend of easy drama, suspense, and light romance.

My Amish Boyfriend by Melody Carlson


I opted in to review “My Amish Boyfriend” because I always enjoy books by Melody Carlson. I was not overjoyed to have to read another Amish novel because it seems that I get more than my share of them to review. Fortunately, Carlson’s take on Amish fiction did not follow the usual pattern.

With her usual attention to detail, the author brings her readers a story about a sixteen-year-old city girl whose big plans for her summer vacation are preempted by her mother’s mysterious illness. Shannon and her mother find themselves on a bus to live with relatives Shannon was not aware existed. When they arrived at their destination, she was further surprised to learn that they were Amish. Shannon makes a good effort to adapt to the new lifestyle while helping take care of her mother. A good-looking Amish guy seems interested in her so Shannon finds her summer to be looking better all the time.

On the surface, “My Amish Boyfriend” may seem to be a fairly shallow teen romance story. I wanted to warn Shannon over and over about Ezra’s real intentions but fortunately she came to her senses before it was too late. In fact, I loved watching Shannon mature almost before my eyes as she made every effort to be a part of her new family and to help her mother recover. As always, Melody Carlson has written a simple story with deep spiritual truth.

This book was provided for review by
Revell, a division of Baker Publishing Group.


My Amish BoyfriendShannon’s summer just got a whole lot more . . . Amish?

Shannon McNamara has exciting plans for the summer–getting her driver’s license, a job, and more–and she can’t wait to dive in. But her ill mother has plans of her own: to relocate them both to the heart of Amish country in Ohio where she has relatives who can help her.

Turns out a “simple” life is actually a lot of hard work. But when a hot young Amish guy named Ezra enters the picture, Shannon’s ready to get an Amish makeover and even consider making it a permanent change. Will these plans come crashing down around her too? Or can she really make the jump into a whole new way of life?

Teen favorite Melody Carlson brings fans another surprising story of worlds–and families–colliding.

Read an excerpt from “My Amish Boyfriend” HERE.


Melody CarlsonMelody Carlson is the award-winning author of more than two hundred books, including the Life at Kingston High series, the Dating Games series, Double Take, and A Simple Song. She has received a Romantic Times Career Achievement Award in the inspirational market for her many books, including the Diary of a Teenage Girl series and Finding Alice. Melody and her husband live in Oregon. Find out more HERE.

The Best Friend by Melody Carlson


Second book in Carlson’s Life at Kingston High, “The Best Friend” not only explores the true meaning of friendship but delves into some pretty serious issues faced by today’s teens. Primary character Lishia Vance was feeling pretty left out after her best friend apparently found a new best friend. Not only that but it seemed as though the rest of her friends from church had abandoned her also. So Lishia was a prime target when cheerleader Riley decided that Lishia would be the perfect best friend for her. So, desperate to be accepted and even popular, Lishia allowed herself to be manipulated into doing things she wouldn’t ordinarily do even though she felt uncomfortable doing them. Eventually she had enough but found it difficult to extract herself from the situation – a situation that had even become dangerous to her.

At my advanced age (old enough to have teen grandchildren), it is difficult to imagine some of the things our young people come face to face with every day. It would be nice to believe that they don’t need to be warned about some of the things depicted in “The Best Friend” but I am afraid that would just be denial. I am so thankful that Melody Carlson is brave enough to write about the things most of would like to ignore and that she does so in a manner that teens can enjoy and relate to. I only wish these books had been around when my own daughter was in high school.

This book was provided for review by
Revell, a division of Baker Publishing Group.


With her signature insight into the lives of teen girls, bestselling author Melody Carlson explores the treacherous world of friendship, loyalty and choices girls face in high school in The Best Friend, a Life at Kingston High novel.

Lishia Vance is flummoxed. One day she has friends. The next day everyone has turned against her. No explanation. Just complete social isolation. Even her best friend Janelle isn’t giving her the time of day. When she makes a connection with Riley Atkins, a popular cheerleader, things start looking up. But is Riley really as good a friend as she seems? Or is Lishia better off without her?


Melody Carlson is the award-winning author of over two hundred books with sales of more than five million. She is the author of several Christmas books from Revell, including the bestselling The Christmas Bus, The Christmas Dog, and Christmas at Harrington’s, which is being considered for a TV movie. She is also the author of many teen books, including Just Another Girl, Anything but Normal, Double Take, The Jerk Magnet, and the Diary of a Teenage Girl series. Melody was selected for a Romantic Times Career Achievement Award in the inspirational market for her books in 2010 and 2011. She and her husband live in central Oregon. For more information about Melody visit her website at

Crazy Dangerous by Andrew Klavan


Sam Hopkins is a preacher’s kid who is tired of not fitting in with his schoolmates. He has no outstanding attributes to help elevate his status – he’s average looking, a bit smaller than normal and has no strong athletic abilities – just an ordinary kid. Most of the other kids just ignore him or act like they don’t know how to behave around him. So when the opportunity arises to hang out with the school thugs, he jumps at the chance although he knows it is a bad decision. And that is just the beginning of his troubles.

Jennifer is a classmate of Sam’s who is even more of an outcast than he is. She can’t seem to speak without making strange rhymes that tend to make others keep their distance. Then there are the voices and visions that torment her at night – voices she believes are demons. When Sam comes to her rescue one afternoon, Jennifer latches onto him as her hero and Sam, being the kind of fellow he is, befriends her.

Told primarily in first person narrative in the voice of Sam, “Crazy Dangerous” chronicles events in the lives of Sam and Jennifer over a short period of time. Sam’s rash decisions take him from one crisis to another as he attempts to sort out the truth and to protect Jennifer and possibly his entire town. The plot moves at a rapid pace with a mixture of drama, suspense and humor which makes the book a quick read for its length. Characterization is excellent and it is easy to imagine each of the protagonists in the story. While entertaining, the book also presents a strong message about doing the right thing and how people can’t be judged by outward appearances.

“Crazy Dangerous” is the first book I’ve read by this author but I would highly recommend it. This is one book that most teens should enjoy.


This book was provided for review by LitFuse Publicity.

“You probably want to hear about Jennifer and the demons and how I played chicken with a freight train and-oh yeah-the weird murder . . . you’re definitely going to want to hear about that.”

Sam Hopkins is a good kid who has fallen in with a bad crowd. Hanging around with car thieves and thugs, Sam knows it’s only a matter of time before he makes one bad decision too many and gets into real trouble.

But one day, Sam sees them harassing an eccentric schoolmate of his named Jennifer. When Sam finds the courage to face the bullies down, he loses a bad set of friends and acquires a very strange new one.

Because Jennifer is not just eccentric. To Sam, she seems downright crazy. She has terrifying hallucinations involving demons and the devil and death. And here’s the really crazy part: Sam is beginning to suspect that these visions may actually be prophecies–prophecies of something terrible that’s going to happen very soon. Unless he can stop it.

With no one to believe him, with no one to help him, Sam is now all alone in a race against time. Finding the truth before disaster strikes is going to be both crazy and very, very dangerous.


Andrew Klavan was hailed by Stephen King as “the most original novelist of crime and suspense since Cornell Woolrich.” He is the recipient of two Edgar Awards and the author of such bestsellers as True Crime and Don’t Say a Word.

His books and screenplays have been turned into films directed by Clint Eastwood and starring Michael Douglas, Ed Burns, Michael Caine among others.

Hometown: Santa Barbara, California

Books Sold to Date: over 1.5 million.

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The Jerk Magnet by Melody Carlson


Without a mom to help with her hair and makeup or to guide her in choosing her clothes, Chelsea has faded into the background at school and stopped attending church. When her dad’s fiance helps with a dramatic makeover, Chelsea finds her life changed in ways she could never imagine. From wallflower to the new girl at school that all the boys want to date and the girls want to hate, Chelsea is not even sure who she is anymore. “The Jerk Magnet” is all about the incredible journey of discovery shared by Chelsea and her new friend Janelle.

I have read a few reviews that criticize the extreme makeover that Chelsea experienced. Yes, her future step-mom could have helped her with a new hairstyle, her makeup, and with making better wardrobe choices but for the author to make her point, Chelsea needed to experience both extremes in order to understand the importance of not judging others by their outward appearance. I really liked the way Carlson illustrated that prejudice works both ways and that the beautiful and popular people are sometimes misjudged as badly as the unattractive ones. I also thought that Janelle’s idea for their camping trip was inspired.

I am not sure how she does it but Melody Carlson always manages to be totally in touch with the lives and emotions of teen girls. I have not been a teen for many years but I can still remember having some of the same feelings and reactions as some of Carlson’s characters. I love the way she writes entertaining novels with relevant messages for today’s teens.

This book was provided for review by
Revell, a division of Baker Publishing Group.


What if beauty is more than just skin deep?

When Chelsea Martin’s future stepmother helps her transform from gawky and geeky into the hottest girl at her new school, Chelsea is pretty sure it’s the best thing that ever  Happened to her. But her hot new look has a downside. She’s attracting lots of guys who all have one thing in common: they’re jerks. Oh, and stealing the attention of all the guys in school doesn’t exactly make her BFF material for the girls.

Finally a great guy catches her eye. But he’s the only one around who doesn’t give her a second glance. Can Chelsea come up with a plan to get his attention? Or will her new image ruin everything?

“Available January 2012  at your favorite bookseller from Revell, a division of Baker Publishing Group.”


Melody Carlson is the award-winning author of over two hundred books with sales of more than five million. She is the author of several Christmas books from Revell, including the bestselling The Christmas Bus, The Christmas Dog, and Christmas at Harrington’s, which is being considered for a TV movie. She is also the author of many teen books, including Just Another Girl, Anything but Normal, Double Take, The Jerk Magnet, and the Diary of a Teenage Girl series. Melody was nominated for a Romantic Times Career Achievement Award in the inspirational market for her books in 2010 and 2011. She and her husband live in central Oregon. For more information about Melody visit her website at