As the one hundredth anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic approaches, Kelsey Tate is positioned for success in the investment company founded by her great-grandmother Adele, a survivor of the disaster. Unfortunately, before Kelsey can rest on her laurels, Adele’s identity is brought into question and to make matters worse, Kelsey discovers a body in the conference room. With the value of the firm declining each day, a  hostile takeover threatens the survival of the family business. With one obstacle after another hindering her progress, can Kelsey discover the answers she needs in time to avert another disaster? Can she overcome her pride and accept help from her former fiance when there is nowhere else to turn?

The story of Kelsey’s race against time and for her very life is skillfully interwoven with Adele’s experiences on the historic doomed Titanic voyage. With sufficient twists, turns, red herrings and surprises, “Echoes of Titanic” is a novel that will keep the reader on the edge of her seat as she frantically turns the pages to discover what happens next. This is one story where it is difficult to know the good guys from the bad guys so prepare to be fooled right along with Kelsey.

As always, Mindy Starns Clark has provided a satisfying suspense filled novel with a touch of romance. I heartily recommend it.

***Special thanks to Karri James Harvest House Publishers of for sending me a review copy.***