Beth Wiseman’s first non-Amish novel Need You Now is a story about a family in trouble but it takes them awhile to figure it out. Their move from big city Houston to a small rural town to get their son away from bad influences has created several huge changes in their lives. Dad Brad is now commuting several hours a day back to his job in the city and is also under pressure as he hopes for a big promotion that will make things easier financially for is family. His wife Darlene decides to find a job in order to feel needed when the kids are in school. Older daughter Grace who has always been a model child, is so stressed by the move and her new life that she resorts to some dangerous behavior in order to cope. To compound their problems, Darlene soon finds herself the object of unwelcome attention from a student’s father. A couple of unlikely friendships are formed that have enormous impacts on their lives.

With realistically flawed characters and real life situations, Need You Now will offer most readers several points to ponder. Although there are more than one crisis and some serious relationship issues, the story is relieved with several humorous scenes. Wiseman’s vivid imagery and characterization make Need You Now a book that is difficult to put down. It also proves to me that Wiseman is not a one trick pony who can only write Amish novels. While I do enjoy them, I am looking forward to more contemporary fiction by this author.

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