From the very beginning of “House of Mercy” it is evident that Beth is driven to help others whether they are human or animals. Unfortunately her heart sometimes overrules her common sense when it comes to making the right decisions and one wrong decision sent her life and the life of her family spiraling out of control with a very real possibility that they could lose everything because of her. Beth’s determination to redeem the situation herself sends her on a journey that has remarkable consequences.

“House of Mercy” consists of two parallel yet related stories with yet another historical legend that is also interconnected. Healy’s characters are robust with natural human emotions and responses to their situations. I often found myself telling Beth “Don’t do it” then wondering why she didn’t listen. The plot moved along at a fairly good pace although there were times I wanted to hurry it up as well as times I wanted to slow it down. That was not a problem with the writing but more my own impatience to find out what was going to happen next or dreading what I thought might be coming. The story is well rounded with plenty of drama, mystery, suspense, a little romance, and a touch of humor. The supernatural elements of the story were well handled and added a unique atmosphere to my reading experience. The major themes of forgiveness and reconciliation as well as a lesson about learning to trust God to guide and use you rather than depending upon yourself were well presented.

I thoroughly enjoyed “House of Mercy” and will probably think about it for awhile. This is a book that begs for a sequel. I for one would love to read more about Jacob and Beth and it would be fun to find out what happens in the lives of Nova and Trey and Beth’s brothers Levi and Danny. Then there is the unresolved mystery of the saddle.  I would be first in line for a follow-up to “House of Mercy”.

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What Happens When a Natural Healer Can’t Heal Herself?

Follow Beth through death’s mysterious valley up to God’s mountaintop of mercy

Beth has a gift of healing, which is why she wants to become a veterinarian and help her family run their fifth-generation cattle ranch. But it only takes one foolish decision for Beth to destroy it all. She quickly scrambles to redeem her devastating mistake, pleading with God for help, even as a disturbing mystery begins to unravel her life. But the repercussions grow even more unbearable—a lawsuit, a death, a divided family and the looming loss of everything she treasures. Can Beth ever truly be whole again?

Best-selling Christian fiction author Erin Healy takes us on a fascinating journey into the stunningly rugged terrain of Southern Colorado in her latest thriller, House of Mercy (Thomas Nelson, August 2012). Confused, grieving, but determined to make amends, she embarks on a horseback journey across the harsh Rocky Mountains guided by a wild, unpredictable wolf named Mercy that may or may not be real.

“Healy has proven she has what it takes to write a fast-paced supernatural thriller guaranteed to keep you hooked right until the last page and beyond,” according to And New York Times top fiction author Ted Dekker says Beth’s writing is “Heart-pounding suspense and unrelenting hope that will steal your breath.”

­­Erin is known for creating distinctive settings that go hand in hand with the themes of her books, and House of Mercy is certainly no exception as her volatile emotional struggles match the challenging physical settings as she traipses across the rugged Rockies. At the same time, she wrestles spiritually with the notion of modern-day miracles.

Garnering accolades from numerous sources, including being named Book of the Year finalist, Healy consistently turns out highly readable, captivating and informative novels that are awaited eagerly by her huge following of readers. Her previous best-sellers include Never Let You Go, The Promises She Keeps and The Baker’s Wife. She also co-authored with Ted Dekker best-sellers Kiss and Burn, and with House of Mercy, her readers will be thrilled once again.

The story’s realism comes from Healy’s personal encounter with Colorado wolves, the Rocky Mountains and research done with Colorado ranchers. The reader will experience a “you-are-there” feeling as Beth’s adventure takes them through the craggy gorges, across tumbling rivers and finally to the mountaintop of mercy. It’s an adventure you don’t want to miss.

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Erin shares about House of Mercy:


Erin Healy is an award-winning fiction editor who has worked with talented novelists such as James Scott BellMelody CarlsonColleen CobleBrandilyn Collins, Traci DePreeL. B. GrahamRene GutteridgeMichelle McKinney HammondRobin Lee HatcherDenise HildrethDenise HunterRandy IngermansonJane Kirkpatrick, Bryan LitfinFrank Peretti,Lisa SamsonRandy SingerRobert Whitlow, and many others.

She began working with Ted Dekker in 2002 and edited twelve of his heart-pounding stories before their collaboration on Kiss, the first novel to seat her on “the other side of the desk.”

Erin is the owner of WordWright Editorial Services, a consulting firm specializing in fiction book development. She is a member of the American Christian Fiction Writers and the Academy of Christian Editors. She lives with her family in Colorado.

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