“Perfectly Ridiculous” is the perfect name for this latest installment of the Universally Misunderstood Novel series that could also easily be called “The Life and Trials of Daisy Crispin”. Daisy has finally graduated from high school with a full scholarship to the university of her choice. Her plans are to get her degree and never go back to the less than perfect life she has always known. But first there is a vacation to Argentina with best friend Claire to enjoy – that is until she finds out at the last minute that there is a two week mission work requirement to receive her scholarship.

That is where things started to get ridiculous. When Daisy’s parents learned that an old college friend ran the mission where Daisy would work, they decided that they needed to accompany her and Claire to Argentina. Then Daisy’s Argentine love interest Max picked them up at the airport but was not the Max she knew from his exchange student days at her school. Then there was the problem with the mission director who seemed to dislike Daisy from the beginning. One complication after another seemed determined to ruin her vacation and her chance to keep her scholarship.

Although extremely entertaining, “Perfectly Ridiculous” fell somewhat short of my expectations. The author’s writing quality continued with its high standards with excellent characterization and dialogue. There were several twists and surprises in the plot that kept things interesting. The revelation about why the mission director had it in for Daisy was disappointing – how could an adult in that position be so immature? As a parent I could understand why Daisy’s parents were afraid to let her travel alone but thought that insisting on going with her was overkill. I really liked Daisy’s new friend J.C. and thought he was a good influence so I was disappointed with decisions Daisy made later in the book. It was good to see Claire find her own calling. I did not like Max in this novel at all. I don’t know if this is the final book of this series but I would like one about Daisy’s college experience that might give her a chance to reconsider decisions made in “Perfectly Ridiculous”.

“Perfectly Ridiculous” and the previous two novels in this series are fun and entertaining and perfectly good reading for young teens.

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Kristin Billerbeck hits the target once again with Perfectly Ridiculous, the new book that looks at the life of a normal teenage girl and her challenges and struggles to fit in and not be “different”.  Growing up isn’t easy for a teenager but it’s especially hard for a girl with a unique set of parents.  This endearing story is a laugh out loud delight for teenage girls and anyone who enjoys YA fiction.

Daisy Crispin is at a crossroads. In one direction lies the promised land—life at college, away from her embarrassing and overprotective parents. In the other direction is reality—her strapped bank account, an ailing father, and family priorities. Daisy knows the “perfect” daughter wouldn’t have to think twice. But maybe Daisy was never really perfect on any level, because she does not want her life to look the way her parents think it should. She won’t let that stop her, though. Now that she has been given an exciting free trip to Argentina before going to college, she’s thrilled—until her parents decide to go along with her.

Hilarious and all too true to life, Perfectly Ridiculous gives teen girls more of what they want and love to read from Kristin Billerbeck.

Available July 2012 at your favorite bookseller from Revell, a division of Baker Publishing Group.

Praise for Kristin Billerbeck’s Perfectly Dateless &Perfectly Invisible:

 Well known as a chick-lit author (What a Girl Wants), Christy Award finalist Billerbeck turns her talent for witty dialog to the YA market. The title and cover alone ensure that teens will pick up this book, and parents will be pleased that there is nothing offensive inside the covers. Adults who enjoy YA fiction and are nostalgic for their high school years may also want to try this hilarious novel. – Library Journal

Overall, in classic Billerbeck style, PERFECTLY INVISIBLE contains snappy dialogue, wit, and hilarious situations. The writing is clever — brilliant in parts — and made me laugh out loud. Daisy is fresh and quirky, with character flaws most of us can relate to. If you have teens, know teens, or remember being a teen, you just might relate to her, too. – Faithful Reader


Kristin Billerbeck is the bestselling, award-winning author of several novels, including What a Girl Wants, Perfectly Dateless, and Perfectly Invisible. A Christy Award finalist and two-time winner of the American Christian Fiction Writers Book of the Year, Billerbeck has appeared on The Today Show and has been featured in the New York Times. She lives with her family in Northern California.