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Memory of Murder
Love-Inspired Suspense
Ramona Richards

A word from Ramona:

The hardest biographical sketch to write is always your own, whether or not you’re a writer by profession. You can’t decide what to throw in, what to leave out, and whether or not you should list strengths and flaws, or just strengths.

I like writing and telling stories so much that I once tried to live out a few. After getting a master’s in English, I went on to be the seneschale of my local Society for Creative Anachronism. I had a rocky start, but I did get better. (Robin Hood, eat your heart out.)

People often ask members of the SCA, “Are you in a play?” so I thought it would be fun to do that, too. For seven years, I produced and performed in shows staged by Nashville’s Circle Players.

Although I’m single now, I married in 1982 and in 1987 had Rachel. She’s a cutie. Severely disabled, she’s the heroine of many an article for Special Ed Today magazine. Rachel’s nurse, Phyllis, is the real life heroine of “An Act of Desperation,” which I sold to Chicken Soup for the Caregiver’s Soul.

I’m not really a complex person, and my dreams are fairly straightforward: sell books, have enough money to pay the bills and travel a bit, and settle into a cottage. In early 2006, I bought the cottage, which is now more or less swamped by books and DVDs. I write at night (I’m a lifelong night owl), and I occasionally escape by scuba diving, hiking, dancing, and going to movies and bookstores.

I’ve gone to the same church since 1993, and I even sing in the choir. It’s a small but awesome church. I’m no angel, although occasionally I play one in the backyard.

I like staying busy. Life is too short not to follow your dreams.



Lindsey Presley certainly can’t imagine why anyone would want her dead-though she knows she wouldn’t be alive today if not for the local cop who saved her from two murder attempts. Deputy Jeff Gage has worked difficult cases, but with only Lindsey’s fractured memories of a broken past to guide him, this is by far his most challenging.

For Lindsey, fleeing the town she has come to call home is unthinkable. Separately, they are vulnerable, but together, Jeff and Lindsey just may stand a chance of catching a ruthless killer.

If you would like to read the first chapter of Memory of Murder, go HERE.

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Memory of Murder is one of those stories that hits the ground running and barely slows down enough for the reader to catch her breath before the climatic conclusion. Combining heart-racing suspense with a growing romance, Memory of Murder unites the best of two worlds in a novel that kept my attention until the last page. With likeable primary characters who have enough baggage to keep them real and an escalating plot that gives very little away, Memory of Murder showcases the superb skill of the author as well as what makes the Love Inspired Suspense novels my favorites for a quick but satisfying read.

When Lindsey Presley’s life is suddenly threatened for unknown reasons, her friend Jeff Gage, a local deputy takes it upon himself to keep her safe. As the pair work together to discover why she has been targeted and who is behind the threats, Lindsey is forced to relinquish some of her self-reliance and learns to depend on others as well as the Lord. Jeff also has issues of his own to work through as their bond grows closer through their trials.

I thoroughly enjoyed Memory of Murder and plan to go back to read the previous books in the series that feature Lindsey’s two sisters. If you enjoy romantic suspense and like novels that can be read in just a few hours, pick up a copy of Memory of Murder for an excellent introduction to the Love Inspired Suspense novels.