“Grave Consequences” is the second book in Bergren’s Grand Tour trilogy. Although possibly enjoyable as a stand-alone novel, I believe the reader would understand and enjoy it better after reading Glamorous Illusions, the first book of the series as “Grave Consequences” continues where it leaves off without any recap to fill in details.

After a traumatic kidnapping attempt in the first book, Cora Kensington and her newly discovered half-siblings continue their grand tour of Europe, staying in luxurious hotels and castles along their journey. Torn between two men who both profess to love her, Cora continues to be confused about her true identity. Can she return to her old life after experiencing the luxury and opportunities provided by her wealthy birth father or will she choose to follow his plans for her life? All she can do is try to follow God’s plans for her life and hope that she can accurately discern what He is telling her.

Although at times the descriptions of historic locations and even meals become a tad lengthy, there is plenty of drama, action, mystery and romance to keep things interesting. I liked the way the author portrayed the characters so that even some of the most unlikeable people from Glamorous Illusions turned out to have some positive attributes after all – particularly Hugh.

Some reviewers have described “Grave Consequences” as being highly improbable but I found the story to be good enough to capture my attention until the very last page and enjoyed traveling through Europe through the experiences of its characters. Improbable or not, to me the story is what is important.

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Grave ConsequencesThe Powerful, Epic Romance Continues, Book 2 in Lisa T. Bergren’s Grand Tour series

For Cora Kensington, the journey of a lifetime takes unexpected twists. And her future—her very life—depends on the decisions she’ll make at each crossroad. As her European tour with her newfound family takes her through Austria, France, and Italy, an unseen enemy trails close behind. Meanwhile, a forbidden love continues to claim her heart, putting everyone’s plans in danger.

And as Cora stays one step ahead of it all, what might need the most protection is her own heart, torn between the dramatic pursuit of a dashing Frenchman and a man who has been quietly staking claim to her affections all along. Love has dangers all its own. She must escape the bonds of the past and discover the faith to make the right choices, as each one has grave consequences.

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Lisa T. Bergren

Lisa T. Bergren is the award-winning author of more than thirty-five books, with more than 2 million copies sold. She has written fiction and non-fiction for readers of all ages—children, teens and adults. A former publishing executive, Bergren now divides her time between writing, freelance editing, and ministry.

Bergren loves to travel, especially for writing research, and dreams of her next trip to Italy. Lisa and her husband, Tim, are the parents of three and live in Colorado Springs, CO.

Learn more about Lisa T.  Bergren at her online home, Readers can also join Bergren’s Facebook fan page or follow her on Twitter.

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