One of my fairly recent hobbies that I have come to enjoy is bird watching and photography. It all began with one little bird feeder that was an impulse purchase. A year and a half later we are feeding a very large amount of black sunflower seed and several suet blocks per month. We buy the sunflower seed in forty pound bags at a local Tractor Supply.

It has been fun to see the variety of birds that show up in our yard – many that we have never noticed before. Some have been just passing through on their way north for the summer and others native to the area have been tempted into the open by the free food. Whatever the reason, everyone in the family has enjoyed watching them and looking for new arrivals.

Most recently our birdbath has seen increased activity due to the hot weather. It is such fun watching their antics as the birds splash around. Today I will share a few of my favorite photos of our bathing birds.

Bluejay in Birdbath

Bluejay in Birdbath


Robin & Bluebird in Birdbath


Robin and Cardinal at Birdbath