Book two in The Ladies of Distinction Series, “A Most Peculiar Circumstance” continues with yet another somewhat unconventional road to romance . Once again the heroine is an independent and spunky young woman whose quest to follow God’s direction often leads her to venture outside the boundaries set by society. A devoted member of the women’s suffrage movement, Arabella Beckett’s determination to help other women often leads her into big trouble. The story opens with Arabella praying for God to get her out of a major predicament. When the prayer is answered quickly, Arabella is not as grateful as she should be and definitely not at all impressed by the man sent to get her out of trouble. Arabella and Theodore have very little in common and tend to rub each other the wrong way most of the time. So why do they both find themselves thinking about each other so often?

“A Most Peculiar Circumstance” has its moments – some are dramatic or suspenseful and others are delightfully humorous. Then again the romantic scenes are pretty good also. I like the way the author tells her story through the use of dialogue. Some of the conversations are truly entertaining and there was plenty of action to keep me involved in the story. I thoroughly enjoyed this novel – it met every expectation I had for it. If you are looking for a good, entertaining historical romance, then “A Most Peculiar Circumstance” fits the bill.

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A Most Peculiar CircumstanceMiss Arabella Beckett, defender of the down-trodden women of America, is returning from her travels in support of the women’s suffrage movement when she makes a simple offer of assistance to a young woman in need. But things go sadly awry, and both ladies soon find themselves in dire need of rescue. Arabella, always loath to admit she needs help, is particularly reluctant to receive assistance from the arrogant, narrow-minded knight in shining armor who shows up just in time.

Private investigator extraordinaire Mr. Theodore Wilder is on an assignment that began as a favor to his good friend Hamilton Beckett, but swiftly evolved into a merry chase across the country. He is already in a less than pleasant mood, and when Hamilton’s sister turns out to have radical ideas and a fiercely independent streak, he’s at his wit’s end.

Much to their chagrin, Theodore and Arabella’s paths continue to cross when they return home to New York, but the most unusual feelings beginning to grow between them certainly can’t be anything serious. When the trouble Arabella accidentally stirred up in her travels follows her home and threatens her very life, the unlikely couple must face the possibility that they might have landed in the most peculiar circumstance of all: love.

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