The third book in Gray’s The Days of Redemption series brings the series to a satisfying conclusion in which the many Keim family secrets and problems are all out in the open and finally resolved. “Eventide” features Elsie, Viola’s twin who is quickly losing her eyesight due to a rare disease. Elsie feels that her family treats her like a child and makes every effort to prove herself, sometimes to the point of stubbornness. She has also been a bit envious of Viola and their brother Roman who have experienced romance and found their lifetime partners. When new neighbor Landon Troyer appears to be interested, Elsie clings to a thread of hope that she can also find love.

All the favorite members of the Keim family are back in “Eventide” and each of them play a vital role in the narrative. I liked the way that the romance between Elsie and Landon was not a quick and sweet one but that both of them had to make serious and difficult decisions that would affect the rest of their lives. I also like the way that the author did not take the easy way out but included some surprises that might not necessarily end in the expected happy-ever-after.

I enjoyed “Eventide” and the entire series because it was more focused on the characters and their lives rather than the usual emphasis on the Amish belief system, etc. I would recommend the entire series not only to those who love Amish fiction but also to those who just love a good book.

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EventideA young Amish woman harbors a difficult secret. Does she dare share the truth with the man she hopes to marry?

Elsie Keim doesn’t want to be left behind. Her twin sister, Viola, and her older brother, Roman, have both found love and are building lives of their own. But Elsie? She’s still stuck at home, being treated like a child. No one seems to consider her a capable woman-all they see are the thick lenses of her glasses, constant reminders that Elsie suffers from keratoconus and is slowly going blind.

Elsie knows there’s much more to her than her disease. That’s why when a new neighbor, Landon Troyer, shows some interest in her, she doesn’t want anything to scare him away . . . even if it means keeping her condition a secret.

Landon is ready to start a new life and feels like Elsie may just be the right woman to start it with. But when Roman steps in and shares the truth about Elsie’s illness, Landon is floored. His job is demanding and takes him away from home, sometimes for days at a time. How could he keep up with his responsibilities and take care of Elsie?

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Shelley Shepard GrayShelley Shepard Gray is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of the “Sisters of the Heart”, “Seasons of Sugarcreek”, “Secrets of Crittenden County”, and Families of Honor series. She lives in southern Ohio, where she writes full-time, bakes too much, and can often be found walking her dachshunds on her town’s bike trail.

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