Where Would Cows Hide by D. C. StewartThe Parker twins, Brad and Charlie, didn’t want to join their parents on vacation in Hawaii. A little sister can be annoying, but little sister, Zoey, was over the top. “The three of us aren’t going to Hawaii,” she told them. Her parents were shocked by her statement even though it was true. This was not the first time Zoey offered surprising knowledge of future events, nor would it be the last. Arriving at their grandparent’s cattle ranch in Oklahoma, the twins learn of the disappearance of cattle from the ranch. This knowledge would set of a series of events that would challenge any detective. There were the mysterious neighbors, the strange lady at church, a psychic lazy dog, and a weird little sister to keep the twins totally confused in their efforts to solve this strange mystery.

D. C. StewartD.C. Stewart grew up in Thomas, Oklahoma. She began writing short stories in high school, and won a writing competition at Southwestern Oklahoma State University at age 17. After graduating, she attended Northwestern Oklahoma State University and earned a degree in History. She worked for a church in Maumelle, Arkansas as the Communications coordinator for five years, and after returning to Oklahoma, she chose to pursue her dream of being a full-time writer. D.C. Stewart lives near Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, and is a member of the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators, and the American Christian Fiction Writers.

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MY REVIEW: Where Would Cows Hide? is an entertaining, humorous mystery written for ages 9-12, otherwise known as “tweeners”. Twins Brad and Charlie try to solve the mysterious disappearance of their grandfather’s cattle while visiting their grandparents ranch. Their investigation leads them into dangerous situations while trying to avoid their “weird” little sister Zoey. The story has enough action, humor, and suspense to keep a child’s interest while getting across some valuable spiritual lessons.

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