I was a subscriber to Love Inspired Suspense for years and always looked forward to receiving my four new books each month. I reluctantly gave up my subscription because the books began to pile up after I started reviewing Christian fiction. There just never seemed to be enough time to fulfill my commitments and read anything else. I do have a special affection for those books so I am always delighted when I am offered one to review. Kind of like having your cake and eating it too!

“Grave Danger” got off to a fast start with the discovery of a skeleton on the beach. As sheriff Wesley Grant and forensic anthropologist Ludia Muir work together to learn the identity of the victim as well as details concerning her death, they repeatedly find themselves  in life-threatening situations. Some of the obvious clues lead them into more danger or on wild goose chases. At times it seemed that they were bound for the same fate as the victim.

I thoroughly enjoyed “Grave Danger”, especially the banter between the two primary characters. The romantic tension was perfect. The suspenseful plot built at just the right pace and the guilty party was not at all obvious as is sometimes the case. “Grave Danger” is a fine example of an excellent romantic suspense novel in a shorter form. I look forward to “Sunken Treasure”, book three in the Stepping Stones Island series.


A copy of this book was provided by the author for my honest review.


Grave DangerBook Two in the Stepping Stones Island Series releases May 2014!


When skeletal remains are found on a small Maine island, forensic anthropologist Lydia Muir is sent to investigate. It’s Lydia’s job to determine whether the homicide happened long ago—or more recently. Island sheriff Wesley Grant seems sure the murder didn’t happen on his watch. But when Lydia uncovers the victim’s identity, someone goes to great lengths to get Lydia off the island. Wes vows to protect her, but is the handsome lawman holding something back? To help catch a killer, she’ll have to trust him—or become the next victim.


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