“Again” is a book for those who enjoy plenty of action, improbable situations that stretch the imagination, a strong dose of humor, and some mystery and suspense. This new ebook by John Leatherman has all of that and more in its nearly 400 pages.

Imagine if you will that for every day on the calendar, you get two bonus “preview” days with the third day the only one that will have permanent history. Some would think that would be a fantastic life with plenty of chances for do-overs and maybe even to cash in on knowledge gained during the first two days. Well, that is how Chance Trifle has lived his entire life but he has not found it to be quite the dream life he would like. In fact, at times it could be like living a nightmare. The story chronicles Chance’s first few days as an intern for a television station following his attempt to prevent the murder of a well-known rock star.

I found that I had to stay on my toes to keep up with everything that happened since there were three versions of each day. Sometimes it seemed that even Chance was confused. Overall, this book was quite entertaining with many laughable moments and some perfect opportunities for reflection.Despite his proclivity for trouble, Chance was a likeable character and I was happy that everything turned out well for him in the end.

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From the incredibly intricate storyteller John Leatherman comes a tale with more twists and turns than any episode of Sherlock.For television news intern Chance Trifle, the third time really is the charm. He experiences every day three times, and only what happens on the third version is permanent. The rest of the world seems unaware that each day has two unofficial versions.

Chance’s foreknowledge allows him to get what he thinks is his ticket to journalistic stardom – video of the murder of pop star Prima by record producer Sam Mason. But each unofficial attempt to release the sensational video goes horribly wrong, so on the official days, Chance keeps it secret. Meanwhile, he juggles relationships with two female interns, Danielle Arbusto and Trish Villanova-both captivated by his apparent cleverness.

With every moment Chance sits on the video, he feels more and more in league with a criminal. Obsessed with finding the right way to protect himself, profit from the video, and keep his girlfriends from finding out about each other, Chance misses hearing about the abduction of five-year-old Wendy Starnes until after his last chance to prevent it. Then as he struggles to help find Starnes, the video goes missing and turns up anonymously on the Web. It’s only a matter of time before someone links it to him-and realizes he could have saved Prima and brought a murderer to justice if he hadn’t been so focused on himself.

On the run from conniving coworkers, spurned lovers, determined detectives, bloodthirsty thugs, and fierce mercenaries, can Chance take his mind off personal gain long enough to realize the right way to use his gift?

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John LeathermanJohn Leatherman is a freelance writer, editor, cartoonist, blogger, and cruciverbalist. His fiction has won awards from Word Weavers International, American Christian Fiction Writers, Christian Writers Guild, Southern Writers, and Florida Christian Writers. When not writing, drawing, editing, puzzling, and fighting crime, Mr. Leatherman maintains a secret identity as a Central Florida software consultant with two kids.