Tremors is the novella prequel for Bonnie S. Calhoun’s new dystopian Stone Braide Chronicles series and its first novel ThunderTremors is a free ebook download and is quickly read. Bonnie offers just enough background details and action to guarantee that most readers will want to grab a copy of Thunder as soon as possible. If you are a fan of “The Hunger Games” or other dystopian fiction, you will definitely want to grab your free copy of Tremors. You probably need to go ahead and purchase your copy of Thunder while you’re at it. You won’t want to wait on it.


In this gripping prequel to Thunder, unsettling secrets change Selah Chavez’s life forever in the days before her 18th Born Remembrance.


Bonnie CalhounBonnie S. Calhoun teaches workshops on Facebook, Twitter, HTML, and social media at writers conferences. In her everyday life she is a seamstress and clothing designer. Bonnie and her husband live in a log home in upstate New York with a dog and two cats who think she’s wait staff. Thunder is her first YA novel. Learn more at