Magnolia Market


“Magnolia Market” took hold of my attention and imagination from the very first pages with a story that seemed to get more convoluted by the minute. It is a fact that Avery’s day took a turn she did not expect and everything got progressively worse as the week went on. But sometimes God takes our worst times and turns them into something beautiful and that is exactly what He did for Avery.

“Magnolia Market” is an excellent example about why first impressions are not always correct. It is so easy to judge others based on just a few facts that are sometimes very misleading. It is also a story about doing the right thing even when others do not deserve it. I really admired the way Avery refused to retaliate against the mistreatment from her in-laws but instead gained new friends and confidence as she worked to help others and eventually was able to stand up for herself. T.J. was a great hero, a man with loads of integrity and compassion for others. He showed respect to his mother even when he didn’t agree with her.

I actually became so engrossed in Avery’s story that I stayed awake until the wee hours of the morning and was surprised when I actually stopped to look at a clock. Needless to say, I suffered from lack of sleep the next day – but it was worth it. “Magnolia Market” is a fun contemporary romance with a lesson or two about life and faith. I definitely recommend it.

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The self-help books lied: fresh starts aren’t nearly as glamorous as they appear. And love isn’t any easier the second time around.

Avery Broussard was savoring her long-dormant optimism. It was the first anniversary of her husband’s death, and she was finally going to buy the dress boutique from her former mother-in-law. After a year of saving, the deal was nearly done. Avery was about to get her life back.

But every deal in Samford, Louisiana, can change at the whim of a Broussard.

After being unceremoniously ejected from the very boutique she planned to buy—the boutique she herself had rescued from ruin—she becomes a woman without a future . . . suddenly at war with her late husband’s family.

When carpenter T. J. Aillet begins working for the Broussards doing manual labor, he overhears enough to know that Avery is being victimized. Soon enough, T. J. is lassoed into the squabble by his family connections, his good heart . . . and the undeniable attraction he feels toward Avery.

But the Aillets are no strangers to Samford society—and T. J. knows what happens when you cross the Broussards. Could these two misfits ever make a start together? Or will the pressures of Samford society pull them apart before they even get a chance to try?

About the Author

Judy Christie writes fiction with a Louisiana flavor. She is the author of the Green series of novels including Gone to Green. A fan of primitive antiques and porch swings, she blogs from her green kitchen couch at She and her husband live in northern Louisiana.