Last Family Standing


I was not sure what to expect when I realized that this book was about a TV reality show competition. I mean, how lame could that be? That was pretty much my son’s reaction when he saw me reading it. Well, I am here to tell you, it may be about reality television but it is a story that has heart.

With a setting that should be quite familiar to fans of the “Survivor” series, “Last Family Standing” chronicles Monica’s experience as a reluctant competitor. How difficult would it be to meet the daughter you gave up for adoption over twenty years later in front of millions of viewers on a popular TV show? Monica rises to the challenge because she wants to meet that daughter no matter what it takes.

I enjoyed reading all the behind-the-scenes details as well as the interaction between the characters, both competitors and staff. Monica turned out to be a very special person whose approach to life was authentic and caring – even if she did tend to be a klutz. The story is filled with both drama and humor plus a touch of romance. I could say more but find it difficult to avoid doing so without spoilers – and we know how readers hate those.

“Last Family Standing” is a wonderful, positive story that you will not be sorry you read.

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Every family has drama . . . but it doesn’t usually play out on national television.

Twenty-five years ago, Monica gave up a baby girl for adoption. Now, the thing Monica didn’t dare hope for has happened: Jessica has reentered her life… and wants to meet her. There’s just one catch: the reunion must happen on a reality TV show. Though Monica has hesitations, she’s willing to swallow her pride—and a few other unsavory items—if that’s what it takes to connect with her daughter. Between the unpleasant surprises of nature, the awkward tension with other cast mates, and her desperate attempts to do or be anything remotely athletic, Monica quickly learns that reality bites… hard. It all might make for good TV, but it isn’t very helpful in building relationships. As she stumbles through challenges and faces buried emotions and regrets, Monica wonders if she can be what her daughter wants and needs—and is that more than just a teammate? Can Monica and Jessica ever really be the Last Family Standing?


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