The Snowbound Bride


The end of The 12 Brides of Christmas is fast approaching with bride number eleven “The Snowbound Bride”. I have thoroughly enjoyed this series thus far and hate to see it come to an end with the next novella. I would be hard pressed to choose my favorite among them but once again the latest installment has taken that place – at least temporarily.

I loved the story about an orphaned city girl who has been raised by an uncle and grandmother with all the comforts and privilege of wealth but love has been missing from the equation. Ara has fled the city to accept a position in Colorado to avoid marrying the man her uncle has chosen for her. Complications find her hiding in the back of a wagon in the midst of a snowstorm and eventually snowed in on a remote ranch with Nate and his mother. With a match-making dog and mother, how can Ara and Nate avoid romance?

“The Snowbound Bride” was entertaining with a sweet romance, a bit of drama, and a touch of humor. My only complaint is that it ended much too soon. Loved the characters and the dog Beetle. Do yourself a favor and pick up “The Snowbound Bride” and others from this new Christmas series.

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On the run from a heartless uncle, Arabella Taube hides in Nate Horne’s farm wagon just as a harsh winter storm sweeps into Colorado. Despite Ara’s mysterious background, Nate’s mother thinks she is the answer to a prayer and the hope for his future.

More About The Snowbound Bride with Davalynn Spencer

Davalynn Spencer’s The Snowbound Bride feels very close to home. Her home in Colorado, that is, where she loves seeing the snow come down every Christmas!

“During my childhood, Christmas was always about Jesus, and I have continued with that joyous celebration in my home as an adult. Scent plays a part as well—the tree, clove-studded oranges, hot cider, cinnamon bread. Christmas always smells good.”

“After I married, I moved to Colorado and discovered snow! Of course there is snow elsewhere, but its crystalline beauty here against our blue Colorado skies is breathtaking. I wanted to express the contrasting power and beauty of a snowy holiday in my book, as well as the simple joy of receiving the Christ child.”

Set on a ranch not far from where Davalynn currently lives, The Snowbound Bride tells the tale of a woman fleeing a vicious relative, only to wind up snowbound with total strangers for more than the holidays.

The plot originally came to her as a contemporary story, but she wondered what the situation would look like in the 1880s. “Once I began exploring the differences, the characters took on color and ran off with the tale!”

Davalynn’s paternal family came west, one uncle served as the doctor on a wagon train, long ago. She used some of that experience in her research, coupled with investigations she made from a recently released trilogy of western stories.

“My characters in The Snowbound Bride are working ranchers trying to make a living off the land and their horses in the 1880s.

“Like many families of that time, they don’t have a lot of money for baubles and store-bought trinkets, so decorations as well as gifts are homemade. Dried berries and popcorn adorn the freshly cut tree, and hand-made cookie cutters fashioned from empty tins are used to make star-shaped cookies tied on the tree with yarn. One character is particularly talented, and carves a nativity scene from willow branches.”

An unexpected character turned up while she wrote:

“Beetle the dog surprised me. Almost as suddenly as he surprises Ara! He stepped out of my heart and onto the page without any planning, and established himself as an important background character. I love animals, and all my stories have dogs or cats or horses—sometimes all three.”

The theme of The Snowbound Bride is simple and yet important:

“Trusting God’s leading is key in my life, and I believe it is for others as well. However, I still want to see where I’m going and it doesn’t always work that way. That’s where the trust comes in. The Lord has this incredible way of using things that we think are failures or mistakes or disasters, and often those very things become our greatest blessings.”

Who is Davalynn Spencer?

DavaLynn SpencerNovelist and speaker Davalynn Spencer is an award-winning journalist whose background spans the city crime beat and the national rodeo circuit. She’s both the wife and mother of professional rodeo bullfighters. When she’s not writing inspirational romance or teaching as an adjunct professor, she enjoys speaking and leading worship at women’s retreats. She makes her home in Colorado where she continues to be amazed by God’s creative splendor.

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Davalynn ends with a word to readers: “I hope readers will enjoy this brief trip into Colorado’s Rocky Mountains, warm themselves by the home fires of love, and come away with a good helping of faith and fresh hope.”
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