Steadfast Heart


“Steadfast Heart” may have been Lenore and Kolbein’s story but I’m afraid Abrianna and Wade hijacked it. I did like both Lenore and Kolbein but Abrianna’s vivacity just seemed to take over. I’ll admit to reading several other reviewer’s opinions and it seemed many felt the same. Unlike some of them, I didn’t find it to be a negative thing because I know that I can look forward to probably at least two more books that will expand the characters and story before the series ends. And I do mean that I look forward to it. I am in hopes that Abrianna and Wade will discover that their friendship has grown into an even more special relationship. I also am eager to learn more about the nefarious Mr. Welby and hoping he get his comeuppance.

“Steadfast Heart” has it all – love at first sight, drama, some mystery, plenty of humor, and faith. Tracie Peterson developed her characters with her usual skill and left me wanting to read more about them. Abrianna’s aunties were so quaint and humorous to read about and I look forward to spending more time with time as the series progresses. I feel that “Steadfast Heart” may just be the intro for the rest of the series where the reader will really get into the “meat” of the story. If Brides of Seattle is at all similar to her previous series, the overall reading experience will be excellent. I so look forward to “Refining Fire” and hope I can snag a review copy so I won’t have to wait until its publication in June to read it.

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Despite her spoiled upbringing, twenty-year-old Lenore Fulcher isn’t pretentious. She simply believes a marriage should be built on true love. Her father, however, thinks she’s wasted enough time searching for the perfect husband. He wants to marry her off to one of his business partners–who is seventeen years her senior–an idea that is out of the question for Lenore.

Kolbein Booth, a young lawyer from Chicago, arrives in Seattle looking for his headstrong sister, who he believes may have answered an advertisement for mail-order brides. Sick with worry, he storms into the Madison Bridal School, demanding to see his sister, only to learn she isn’t there. But Lenore Fulcher is, and something about her captures his attention.

Is this the man Lenore has been searching for? She may not have long to find out…


Photo Credit: ©Lissa Barber Photography

Photo Credit: ©Lissa Barber Photography

Tracie Peterson is the award-winning author of over one hundred novels, both historical and contemporary. Her avid research resonates in her stories, as seen in her bestselling Heirs of Montana and Alaskan Quest series. Tracie and her family make their home in Montana. Visit Tracie’s website at