Lady Luck's a Loser


“Lady Luck’s a Loser” was a fun-to-read and witty romance. With primary characters somewhat older than the usual ones found in most romance novels, it certainly had its appeal for this older lady. The unique plot was one that could easily find a place among reality based television series.

I enjoyed watching the “game” play out and how each participant revealed more about themselves as the story progressed. I loved the way some of the women became friends as they got to know each other. I also admired the integrity shown by both Dub and Marge that also won the hearts of others.

For readers looking for something a little bit different, “Lady Luck’s a Loser” is a sure bet!

A digital copy of this book was provided for review by the author.


Wealthy recluse W. G. Preston is looking to choose a wife and devises a Survivor-style game where the winner gets possibly the love of her life. The rules are never simple and one lady is sent home each month until only Mrs. Right re- mains. Will Lady Luck choose practical Audrey, who lied on her application; or Charlotte, the Southern Belle who knows all about antiques and how to please a man? Or graceful Virginia who has a secret, quiet little Natalie, or redheaded Holly with her Dolly Parton chest? Or Marge, the oldest who does her best to keep the peace between an ex-Miss America finalist and Vicki, the beautiful, daring vixen?


Caryl McAdooCaryl has always loved to write and has published several books including the three novels of the Texas Romance series. For every good blessing – including 10 children (4 by birth, 6 by marriage) and 14 grandchildren – she gives God the glory. Caryl lives a country-life with Ron, her husband of forty-six years and four grandsons, outside Clarksville, Red River County Seat, located in far Northeast Texas