Ashes In The Wind


The gorgeous cover of “Ashes in the Wind” opens into a  suspense-filled story that begins with a bang and continues full throttle until the very end. I found the book to be very well written for a first novel and I was held captive until I read the last word.

Sara Jennings, widow of a DEA agent, has been living under protection for two years after an attempt on her life shortly after her husband’s death. When her location is discovered, Sara decides to go back to her home and face the threats head-on. She is determined to clear her husband’s name as well as find the guilty parties. Although the DEA has had some success in shutting down drug traffic into Phoenix, it has become obvious that someone within their organization is playing both sides. Once they have a suspect, they cannot act without concrete evidence. The question is – can they stop him before anyone else dies?

“Ashes in the Wind” is non-stop action with scenes that had me holding my breath as Sara found herself in one life-threatening situation after another. Although there is a touch of romance, this story is primarily built on suspense and should appeal to both male and female readers. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and will keep my eyes open for Peggy’s next novel. In my opinion, “Ashes in the Wind” can easily stand beside some of my other favorite suspense novels.

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DEA Agent Greg Jennings is dead—and now they’re saying he was dirty, on the take. His widow, Sara, hiding out in the Witness Protection program after an attempt on her life, refuses to believe it, though everyone else seems to have accepted it as truth. Everyone, that is, except Drug Enforcement Administration Agent James (Mac) MacIntyre, Greg’s best friend. When yet another attempt on Sara’s life drives her out of the Wit Sec program and back home to Phoenix, Mac makes it his personal mission to protect Sara and, in the process, to clear her late husband’s and his best friend’s name. With a ruthless drug cartel hot on their heels and a mole in the agency undermining their every move, Mac and Sara find themselves literally running for their lives—even as romance tugs at their hearts. Will they unearth the truth and outrun the danger in time to carve out a future for themselves?


Peggy LevesquePeggy Levesque grew up in Minnesota as the second of eight siblings. In addition to her background in business, over the years she has led women’s Bible studies, served on church boards, coordinated volunteer assistance efforts into the community, freelanced the writing/editing/production of several publications, and has contributed to three anthologies. She is a member of American Christian Fiction Writers, Christian Writers of the West, and Tuesday’s Children, a weekly writing critique group. A recent widow, she lives near Phoenix, Arizona, with her children and grandchildren nearby. Follow her on Facebook at Peggy Levesque.

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