Recently I have had the pleasure of reading several Christian novels with the Gothic romance style I loved so much when I was younger and before I discovered Christian fiction. In my opinion this genre has been rather sparse in Christian fiction until just lately and I am so happy to once again indulge in a bit of deliciously dark reading with no fear of encountering offensive material. “Mist of Midnight” fits perfectly into that category and in my opinion Sandra Byrd has nailed it.

What could be worse than returning home from the mission field of India, alone in the world after barely escaping with your life and witnessing unspeakable horrors? What if you found that home was no longer your home because an imposter had taken your place before dying and leaving everyone to believe that you are actually the imposter? That is the position Rebecca Ravenshaw found herself in and her prospects did not look at all promising. Fortunately her distant relative, Captain Luke Whitfield who had inherited everything, took pity on her and allowed her to live at Headbourne House until pertinent questions were resolved to his satisfaction.

The plot moved along at the perfect pace for a novel of this type with an appropriately dark and brooding atmosphere. Mysterious and dangerous events as well ambiguous characters who were difficult to pin down kept me invested in the story until its end. Quite a few surprises were in store along the way but I was happy with its conclusion. I particularly liked how the author adeptly wove an uncompromised message of faith into the narrative without having it overwhelm the story.

I enjoyed “Mist of Midnight” very much and look forward to “Bride of Poseidon” and “Angels of Light”, future installments of the Daughters of Hampshire series. They cannot be published soon enough for me!