In Firefly Valley


Although I’ve never been there, there is a special place in my heart for Texas. I’m not sure exactly why – maybe all the westerns I watched with my Dad as a kid. But even the books that don’t feature cowboys appeal to me because I know enough people who live in Texas to know that they are not all on the ranch. Cabot’s Texas Crossroads series has no cowboys in particular but is really fun to read.

I loved “On Bluebonnet Lake”, the first book of the series, and I have enjoyed revisiting the Rainbow’s End resort to catch up on its characters and to see how things are going with the renovations. In the second book of the series, “In Firefly Valley” I was introduced to two new characters, Marisa, daughter of the resort cook Carmen and Blake, a friend of Greg, the resort owner.

Blake is a best-selling novelist who has hit the dreaded writer’s block and decided to try his friend’s somewhat isolated resort to see if it might boost his creative juices. Marisa has recently lost her job and has moved back to her hometown to take what she hopes will be a temporary job at Rainbow’s End. Of course regular readers of romance can guess that the two of them will end up together but what fun would that be without a good story leading up to happily-ever-after?

Marisa has numerous issues she needs to deal with – especially unforgiveness toward the alcoholic father who abandoned her and her mother. Her attitude is less than stellar and it doesn’t take very much to set her off. Despite his success, Blake has his own less than ideal childhood memories that have more influence on him than he wants to believe. During the course of the book, each of them must deal with their past and move on to be the people God designed them to be.

“In Firefly Valley” is an easily read and enjoyable book. The pace is unhurried with little action or suspense, but is more like a relaxing escape. For true lovers of romance, there is a bonus love story that is nearly as enjoyable as the one between Marisa and Blake. This is the perfect book for a weekend at the lake, beach, or the mountains. It is even the perfect book for relaxing with at home.

This book was provided for review by Revell, a division of Baker Publishing Group.

She’s lost her dream job–but has she found the man of her dreams?

Devastated by a downsizing, Marisa St. George has no choice but to return to the small Texas town where she grew up. Though it means a giant step backward, she accepts a position as business manager at the struggling Rainbow’s End resort. The only silver lining: Blake Kendall, a new guest who might make her believe in love at first sight. But will Marisa’s dreams of happily-ever-after be turned upside down when she discovers Blake’s real identity?

This warm and witty story of dreams deferred and mistaken identity will have you believing in second chances.

Praise for Amanda Cabot

“Amanda is a master at creating authentic characters with foibles and dreams.”–Jane Kirkpatrick, New York Times bestselling author of A Light in the Wilderness

“Uplifting and inspiring, the story speaks to the way nostalgia wisely finds a place in the modern world.”–Publishers Weekly starred review of At Bluebonnet Lake