“Paralyzed” is a heart-pounding suspense that takes the reader right into the experiences of Kennedy Stern. Daughter of missionaries, Kennedy is pretty much on her own in the U.S. while attending college. As a survivor of a recent abduction, Kennedy has returned to her classes but nightmares and flashbacks seem to haunt her when least expected. Is it just her imagination or is someone still determined to eliminate her? If only she can pray enough and make good enough grades, she believes she will be okay.

Alana Terry has such a way with words that I was pulled right into the story and did not want to put the book down until I reached its end. The author vividly describes the frightening life of a person suffering from PTSD and at times I almost felt as if I were experiencing it along with Kennedy. The story deals with some tough subject matter but it is handled very well.

I have not read the previous book in this series but I have it on my Kindle and plan to read the first part of this story asap. I recommend it heartily to those who enjoy a fast-paced suspense. Why don’t you check it out soon? The author is currently offering a free digital copy on her website at

A digital copy of this book was provided for review by the author.


Kennedy Stern has returned to campus after surviving an abduction, but old scars cut deep. Vivid flashbacks and terrifying dreams paralyze her, threatening to ruin her academic career and any chance she has at peace or happiness. This mental anguish, however, constitutes only a small fraction of her post-traumatic nightmare.

A partner in Kennedy’s kidnapping remains at large and will not stop until he has silenced her witness permanently. His violent resolve risks not only her life, but the safety of anyone who tries to help.

Kennedy must engage in a deadly battle of the mind as she struggles to stay alive. While fighting on two fronts — one psychological and one physical — the question isn’t whether she’ll come out of the war stronger in the end.

The question is whether she’ll come out of it at all.

The newest release from inspirational suspense author, Alana Terry, who Christian Fiction has won awards from Women of Faith, Grace Awards, Readers’ Favorite, and several others.


Alana TerryWhen Alana isn’t writing, it’s likely that she’s on the floor wrestling with her kids. Or playing outside with her kids. Or chauffeuring her kids. Or trying some random science experiment with her kids. But she’s probably not cooking or cleaning.

Alana is a homeschooling mother of three who loves to write, hates to cook, and enjoys reading a good book almost as much as she enjoys writing one.

Alana won the Women of Faith writing contest for “The Beloved Daughter,” her debut inspirational novel.

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