Renovating the Richardsons


Talk about a money pit! At least it seems that way when every project turns into a bigger one in the run-down Victorian Millie and Al plan to turn into Millie’s dream B&B. It’s beginning to look like that will never happen. To complicate matters, Al has been drafted as manager of the softball team for the big Fourth of July game and squirrels are running rampant in his yard.

Then there is Susan, the new vet in town. She is perfectly happy with her new practice and a new boyfriend but her dad does not approve and plans to move to Goose Creek to keep an eye on her.

And what about Tuesday, the hippie/earth mother lady who plans to open a massage business in town. Why who wants a business like that in Goose Creek?

There are lots of things going on in Goose Creek and there are plenty of busybodies who want to keep up with it all. Plenty of drama and fun are in store as the summer progresses and things do not always turn out as planned.

I thoroughly enjoyed “Renovating the Richardsons” and its quaint and unique cast of characters. I had plenty of laughs along the way but found a strong underlying message woven throughout the humorous scenes. Several of the characters were forced to deal with change in one way or another. The author did a remarkable job with making it all work naturally. “Renovating the Richardsons” is an excellent story of forgiveness, acceptance, and reconciliation. I’m glad I read it.

This book was provided for review by Harvest House Publishers through NetGalley.