A Powerful Secret


Suspense-filled, political intrigue novel “A Powerful Secret” grabbed my attention and held it throughout its pages. Set within the ranks of the rich, famous, and powerful movers and shakers, this story provides an inside view of what goes on behind the scenes of both politics and commerce.

Book two of the Worthington Destiny series features Sean, the second Worthington son. Although immensely successful on his own, Sean has never felt that he met his father’s approval and tends to compensate by his wild and crazy, thrill-seeking adventures. Yet when his older brother suddenly drops out of an important Senate race and it becomes apparent that someone wants to destroy his family, Sean risks everything to get to the bottom of it.

Not only is this a good suspense-filled novel but the character development is excellent. The authors do a wonderful job of illustrating family dynamics and how relationships between parents and children, brothers, and sisters affect each of their lives. In “A Powerful Secret” old family secrets come to light that could destroy them all.

While this novel is the second of the series, I had no problems following it. Reading the first book would probably add background but I did not feel that I missed anything crucial. For those who enjoy political intrigue, “A Powerful Secret” would be a good choice.

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Sean has always felt like an outsider in his own family.
Now he must risk never achieving what he wants most–his father’s love.

Billionaire globe-trotter Sean Worthington is stunned when his older brother suddenly abandons the Senate race in New York and walks away without a backward glance. As campaign manager, Sean’s left to handle the media feeding frenzy with no answers. Worse, their father–as usual–backs Will, the “perfect” son.

Frustrated by his father’s lack of belief in him, Sean determines to finally move on and forge a unique path. But when a powerful secret is revealed, threatening everything Sean has counted on, he must wrestle with shocking truths . . . and combat the power brokers behind the scenes who have the Worthington family in their crosshairs.

Read an excerpt from “A Powerful Secret” HERE.


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