Shaman's Fire


I will be honest – I only accepted a copy of “Shaman’s Fire” for review because it seemed to be one that was not being requested very quickly. I can also honestly say I had no idea what I was getting but am so glad that I requested it.

It did not take very long to find myself totally immersed in the Native American culture of southern Oregon. Most of the characters are Christian but a few are strongly pulled toward a dark and dangerous spiritual world that includes powerful spells, hallucinogenic drugs, and shape-shifters.

“Shaman’s Fire” is probably the best novel depicting spiritual warfare that I have read since Frank Peretti’s “This Present Darkness” although there is very little resemblance between the two novels. The suspenseful plot moves along at a fast clip and is filled with more scripture than is usually contained in most fiction. This book only highlights some of the dark spiritual forces present not only in Native American culture but also around everyone. As Christians we need to be more aware of the spiritual realm and learn to fight for our families and country.

A copy of this book was provided for review by The Book Club Network.

A singer, a death, a shaman…what has Sayla Whitewater gotten herself into? Shaman’s Fire is a modern-day suspense story of a young Native American woman who struggles to find her identity as she moves between the ancient traditions of her people and the beliefs of the merging white world. She discovers magic in the shaman’s fire but, too late, she discovers such magic demands a price. Is it possible that the God of her grandmother is the same Creator her ancestors worshiped?
Shaman’s Fire is a story of choices and how the known world can change in an instant. It’s a story of injustice…a story of heartbreak…and a story of restoration.


Sandy Cathcart is a freelance writer, photographer and artist, as well as a scribe for Restoring The Heart Ministries (A Native American Online Magazine). She lives in the High Cascades of Southern Oregon with her husband, The Cat Man, where she writes about Creator and everything wild.