The Steeplechase


“The Steeplechase” is a novella that is quickly read – possibly in one sitting if you are a speedy reader like myself. The historical story takes place in Virginia in the days preceding the War of 1812 and features Martha Osborne, a young woman who only wants to find a way to bring her young brother home from boarding school. What she finds is possible danger and also love.

As is the case of most novellas, I found myself wanting more details about the characters that are necessarily missing due to the shorter length of the book. Nevertheless, I found “The Steeplechase” to be well written and a satisfying read. I look forward to reading more by this author in the future.

A copy of this book was provided for review by the Book Club Network.


Martha Osborne fears for her six-year-old brother, who was shuffled off to boarding school when his British mother departed to England.

Set in Hampton Roads, Virginia, in the build-up to the War of 1812, expert rider Martha plans to substitute for her older brother in a “race to the steeple” to win the prize—and a bet with Phillip Paulson, equestrian trainer at Yorkview Academy, to help have her little brother returned home. When Phillip stumbles upon the real reasons behind the secret race he finds he may not be able to keep his end of the bargain. Can he save Martha and her brother? And will his heart be lost in the process?


Carrie Fancett PagelsCarrie Fancett Pagels is a multi-published award-winning author of Christian historical romance. Twenty-five years as a psychologist didn’t “cure” her overactive imagination! She resides with her family in the Historic Triangle of Virginia, which is perfect for her love of history. Carrie loves to read, bake, bead, and travel – but not all at the same time!