I loved “Brentwood’s Ward” so much that I just knew I would also love “The Captive Heart”. I was not disappointed. Many things about “The Captive Heart” are so different than “Brentwood’s Ward” but the vivid descriptions, compelling characters, and a suspenseful yet romantic plot remained the same.

Eleanor Morgan was a character I could admire. Her strong determination to survive coupled with a tender and merciful heart had me in her corner from the start.  Samuel Heath was also a hero I could love. I liked how he came across as so gruff and even frightening but it didn’t take very long to see his true and loyal heart. No wonder Eleanor found herself falling in love with him, almost without realizing it. He certainly was not the man everyone thought him to be.

“The Captive Heart” was such an intense read that I didn’t want to put it down. What adventure! What danger! What suspense! What romance! Bears and fire and evil demented men and faith, and love and loss. Oh, there is so much I could say about how much I liked this book but I would be sure to reveal a spoiler or two. Take my word for it and grab a copy for yourself soon. I love Michelle Griep’s novels and highly recommend them.

A copy of this book was provided for review by Barbour Publishing Review Crew.
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On the run from a cruel British aristocratic employer, Eleanor Morgan escapes to America, the land of the free, for the opportunity to serve an upstanding Charles Town family. But freedom is hard to come by as an indentured servant, and downright impossible when she’s forced to agree to an even harsher contract—marriage to a man she’s never met.

Backwoodsman Samuel Heath doesn’t care what others think of him—but his young daughter’s upbringing matters very much. The life of a trapper in the Carolina backcountry is no life for a small girl, but neither is abandoning his child to another family. He decides it’s time to marry again, but that proves to be an impossible task. Who wants to wed a murderer?

Both Samuel and Eleanor are survivors, facing down the threat of war, betrayal, and divided loyalties that could cost them everything, but this time they must face their biggest challenge ever . . . Love.


Michelle GriepMichelle Griep has been writing for most of her life and attended poetry workshops instead of summer camp and spent her time writing in her room while her teen peers threw parties when their parents weren’t home. She lives in Minnesota where she tutors writing and history at a local high school homeschool co-op.

She resides in the frozen tundra of Minnesota, where she teaches history and writing classes for a local high school co-op. Michelle loves Great Britain, boxers, Science Fiction, and once-a-month cooking. Married for twenty years, she is mother to two sons and two daughters.