I remember reading the two books of Bunn’s Reluctant Prophet series (“The Warning” and “The Ultimatum”) nearly twenty years ago (could it be that long?!) and then watching later as much of his warnings seemed to play out in real life. I didn’t know if this author was a prophet or someone who just knew finance and paid close attention to what was happening in that world. I did decide that I could trust that his research for his novels would be thorough.

Well, Davis Bunn is back with another financial thriller in his latest novel “The Domino Effect”. As usual, the story itself is riveting with plenty of drama, action, and dangerous situations. I was almost unable to put the book down before I finished it. I had to admire the heroine Esther Larsen for her courage and determination to do what was right even at her own risk. Although it did not come as a total surprise, I did find it somewhat frightening to read about how close the world could be to a total financial disaster due to the manipulation of the markets by large and powerful banks.

Mr. Bunn provide a wealth of information within this suspenseful story. I cannot say that it was exactly a pleasure to read because the subject matter is so crucial, especially if it is based on true possibilities as I believe it must be. “The Domino Effect” is a novel that should grab the attention of its readers and give them some serious matters to consider about how they handle their own money in the future.

A free copy of this book was provided for review by Blogging Bistro. A favorable review was not required and all views expressed are my own.


domino-effect-1ABOUT THE BOOK:

A Financial Thriller That Will Keep Readers on the Edge of Their Seats

Esther Larsen, a leading risk analyst at one of the country’s largest banking institutions, is becoming more and more convinced that she has uncovered a ticking bomb with the potential to overshadow 2008’s market crash. And as her own employer pursues “investment” strategies with ever-increasing levels of risk, she becomes convinced she must do something. Yet what can one person really do?

The markets are edging closer to a tipping point–like the teetering first domino in a standing row that circles the globe. And when Esther does sound the alarm, she wonders if anyone will take her seriously. But as public support grows for her ideas, so does the desperation of those whose conspiracy of greed she seeks to expose. With global markets on the brink, and her own life in danger, Esther is locked in a race with the clock to avert a worldwide financial meltdown.

This fast-paced suspense novel will make you wonder where the fiction ends and reality begins. . . .



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His work has been published in twenty languages, and critical acclaim includes four Christy Awards for excellence in fiction and his 2014 induction into the Christy Hall of Fame.

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