“Finding Love in Eureka, California” was a thoroughly enjoyable novel that had both light-hearted and thoughtful moments. I loved the fact that both primary characters had flaws which made them all the more life-like and easy to identify with.

Heroine Genevieve is a feisty young woman with many good character traits but because of her background she is afraid to love. Her crush on pilot Matt Lake seems safe enough – until she gets to know him better. Matt is practically engaged to a beautiful woman who is near perfect but tries to ignore the fact that he really doesn’t enjoy her family’s lifestyle that is so important to her. When he finds Genevieve constantly on his mind instead, Matt must make some difficult choices about what is most important to him.

The story-line is wonderful with a vast array of interesting characters, some of whom have disabilities that are not usually featured in the books I often read. This author is not afraid to push the envelope by featuring people who are frequently overlooked and helping her readers to actually see past outward appearance to the inner person. I particularly liked Rosie’s character and the wisdom she had developed as a result of her own struggles.

At times poignant but often laugh-out-loud funny, “Finding Love in Eureka, California” was a joy to read and filled with surprises. I love the way Strong manages to weave so many different elements together to create an entertaining novel that leaves her readers with plenty of food for thought. If you have not read anything by Angela Ruth Strong, I heartily encourage you to do so.

I voluntarily reviewed a digital copy of this book provided by the author. A favorable review was not required. All views expressed are my own.


Raised in a family of six adopted siblings, Genevieve Wilson fights to keep her dysfunctional brothers and sisters together, but everyone still seems to leave. If she’s not good enough to prevent her birth parents or siblings from abandoning her, then there’s no way she would ever be enough to have a lasting relationship with the successful pilot from work…which is exactly what makes him a safe subject for her daydreams.

Matt Lake is dating the perfect woman and working a great job. Life is easy until he starts to enjoy hanging out with the airline employees more than with his girlfriend—one redhead in particular. He tells himself he’s only intrigued by Gen’s quirkiness, but nobody else makes him smile the way she does.?

Can Matt give up the flawless life he’d planned in exchange for the messiness of love? And if so, will Gen risk her heart on reality when it’s never paid off in the past?


Angela Ruth Strong writes light-hearted and life-changing love stories. The “light-hearted” part comes from her ability to get into interesting situations–such as a hamster ball race or riding on the shoulders of a unicyclist. The “life-changing” part comes from the power of God’s love and the beauty of her very own romance. The “story” part comes from her passion for books that she got from her writer mama. And there’s nothing else she’d rather do than share these stories with you. Find out more (than you ever wanted to know) at