Due to my less than stellar internet connection because of my rural location, I had some difficulty streaming the music on my computer. For that reason I was unable to listen to the album as much as I would have liked. I usually prefer to listen to new CDs in my car as I drive and tend to listen to them over and over until they become like old friends. I definitely look forward to getting my hands on a hard copy of this album so I can do that very thing in the near future.

“Whole Heart” is pretty much what I expected from Passion Music. After all, these are the folks who introduced me to Worship greats Chris Tomlin, Matt Redman, Charlie Hall, Christy Nockels, David Crowder, and others. The album is filled with wonderful, worshipful songs of the type that easily draws the listener into worship. It is the kind of album that I can find myself easily immersed. Although all the songs are very good, there are several that of course stood out for me. I particularly liked Almighty God and Ghost. God, You’re So Good was a fresh take on an old standard and I loved the duet of All My Hope by Crowder and Tauren Wells. I was somewhat surprise that Matt Redman chose to sing a song from All Sons and Daughters rather than one of his own. His rendition was good but I will always prefer the original version – it is one of my favorites.

For those who love previous Passion Music albums, “Whole Heart” is a worthy addition to their library. I believe new listeners will also enjoy this excellent recording that releases on Friday, February 23.

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Info about Passion:

“Rooted out of the Passion movement, we are committed to leading people towards renewed intimacy with God and fresh encounters of worship. Passion is more than music. More than events. Passion is a generation living for His name.”

WHOLE HEART is the new live album from Passion—captured at Passion Conference 2018 in Atlanta, GA.

Passion Conference 2018 was a beautiful worship experience, and the live album captures each powerful moment, allowing those who were not in attendance to experience it.
Featuring Passion Artists: Kristian Stanfill, Melodie Malone, Sean Curran, Matt Redman, Crowder.



  1. Whole Heart (feat. Kristian Stanfill)
  2. Almighty God (feat. Sean Curran)
  3. God, You’re So Good (feat. Kristian Stanfill & Melodie Malone)
  4. Reckless Love (feat. Melodie Malone)
  5. Heaven (feat. Sean Curran)
  6. More Like Jesus (feat. Kristian Stanfill)
  7. Hallelujah, Our God Reigns (feat. Brett Younker)
  8. Ghost (feat. Crowder)
  9. Ever Almighty (feat. Melodie Malone)
  10. Great Are You Lord (feat. Matt Redman)
  11. All My Hope (feat. Crowder & Tauren Wells)



Rooted out of the Passion movement, Passion music is committed to leading people towards renewed intimacy with God and fresh encounters of worship. You can listen to Passion music at