Another wonderful book from Ruth Logan Herne, A Most Inconvenient Love takes up where The Sewing Sisters’ Society leaves off. Also set in Second Chance, North Dakota, this book features Rachel Eichas who has recently taken a job in town as the school teacher. Seb Ward is a businessman who comes from a wealthy family in Minnesota but is estranged from his father whose personal and business transgressions go against everything Seb stands for.

Seb has kept his distance from the townspeople as he worked hard to grow his business. When a young boy arrives on a train who Seb learns is is brother, changes are in store for both Seb and Rachel who bonds quickly with the boy. Each has a difficult past to overcome in order to learn to trust enough to love but young Eli might just be what it takes to help them.

I loved this excellent book with its strong theme of forgiveness and trust and moving past the wounds inflicted by others. Plenty of surprises as well as just the right touch of humor make this book a very enjoyable read. I do hope that more Second Chance books are in store for Herne’s readers.

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Sober businessman Seb Ward may have come from a wealthy lumber-baron family in Minnesota, but he knows that appearances can be deceiving, and that his illustrious family is pretty dysfunctional. Being in another state has provided the buffer he sought from his father’s misdeeds, but when a little boy shows up on a train… a little boy who looks enough like Seb to be his own child… Seb’s faced with a dilemma. Raise the boy as his own, or let his mother suffer the embarrassment of “a brother by another mother.” And when the boy takes a shine to the Rachel Eichas, the newly contracted school teacher, Seb can’t help but do the same. But Rachel was raised by an unloving, business-first father and there’s no way she’s looking for those same qualities in a husband. Can she see through Seb’s focus and drive to find the loving man within?


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