Finding Peace in Wishing Bridge is one of those heart warming books that grabs the reader’s emotions and doesn’t let go until the very end. Featuring Jazz, a famous retired international fashion model who just wants to settle down into a peaceful home surrounded by people she loves. She has found what she considers exactly the right place in Wishing Bridge where two of her dearest friends have already made their home but her peaceful world is rudely interrupted by an attempted attack by an unknown man. Jazz is afraid she will never find the peace she desires until her possible stalker is found. The fine folk of Wishing Bridge surround Jazz with their protection, love, and lots of prayers. One man in particular fights his attraction to her, believing that he is not good enough for someone of her position. Jazz  meets Gus, her neighbor and falls quickly in love with his adorable son Emerson, not knowing the tragic secret Gus attempts to hide from the world.

I loved all the citizens of Wishing Bridge and the way they worked together in community, each one helping those in need as their own talents allowed. I loved the fairy trail created by Max for the children. I also loved Emerson’s enthusiastic little boy zest for life despite his serious illness. Finding Peace in Wishing Bridge is a tale that ends well despite a few harrowing side trails and tears along the way. For a feel good book, this is definitely one I would recommend.

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Peace may lie no further than your own front door.

Ruth Logan Herne, the bestselling author of Welcome to Wishing Bridge & At Home in Wishing Bridge invites readers back to the small town where big dreams come true.

Supermodel Jazz Monroe is a survivor. The world thinks she’s at the top of her game but she understands the eating disorder that threatens her life and the lack of self-esteem that dogs her steps. When she comes to Wishing Bridge to help a friend, the warmth of the town embraces her. Here, waiting tables in a family-friendly Greek diner, Jazz begins to settle into the calm and joy of her new small town and the intriguing interest of two very different men.

But an unexpected attack shatters her peace. Fear threatens her newfound confidence. Friends, old and new, vow to do whatever it takes to keep her safe. Can she trust them— and herself— enough to find the home she’s never had?

Welcome back to the town where hope and prayers mingle so that wishes really do come true.


USA Today bestselling, award-winning author Ruth Logan Herne is the author of over 50 novels and novellas. She loves God, her family, country, coffee, chocolate and dogs, and wishes possums would leave the cat food on the side porch alone. And yet… they don’t. With over two million books in print, Ruthy is living her dream of touching hearts and souls by writing the kind of books she likes to read.

She lives on a pumpkin farm in Western New York where they grow all kinds of cool things for fall from sumptuous squashes and veggies to gorgeous stacking pumpkins. Ruthy’s farm is quickly becoming the place to be every September and October. Ruthy herself is in charge of the kitchen and her very own baked goods, jams and jellies are for sale. The farm gives Ruthy a chance to chat with real people… then turn them into fictional characters during the quiet of mid-winter, so be careful what you say!

She loves chatting with readers through her website blog and hanging with readers and writers in Seekerville… where coffee is always hot, fresh and good! She loves playing in the kitchen, too, with a wonderful group of regionally-inspired inspirational authors at the Yankee Belle Cafe On Goodreads, she’s (yes, you guessed it!) Ruth Logan Herne, and that’s how to find this prolific author on facebook, too!