I always enjoy books by Roseanna M. White but like many others I was uncertain whether I would like the change from World War 1 era England to the Civil War era Georgia. I need not have been concerned. Like every other novel I have read by this talented author, Dreams of Savannah featured well-developed characters who exhibited obvious growth over the course of their story. Unafraid to tackle tough and sensitive subjects, White handled each one with tact and thoughtfulness.

I was not exactly fond of either Cordelia or Phin at the beginning. They each seemed to be the stereotypical spoiled children of wealthy plantation owners. Fortunately there was more to both characters than first met the eye and I grew to care about them both before the end of their tale. Several other strong supporting characters added depth to the story and helped me see a side of the south that is not normally presented. More than just a love story, Dreams of Savannah is filled with action, danger, and an intimate look into the lives of slaves and their owners.

As always with the author’s books, I heartily recommend Dreams of Savannah and hope others will enjoy it as well.

I voluntarily reviewed a copy of this book provided by the author. A favorable review was not required. All views expressed are my own.


Cordelia Owens can weave a dream around anything and is well used to winning the hearts of everyone in Savannah with her whimsy. Even when she receives word that her sweetheart has been lost during a raid on a Yankee vessel, she clings to hope and comes up with many a romantic tale of his eventual homecoming to reassure his mother and sister.
But Phineas Dunn finds nothing redemptive in the first horrors of war. Struggling for months to make it home alive, he returns to Savannah injured and cynical, and all too sure that he is not the hero Cordelia seems determined to make him.
As the War Between the States rages ever nearer and Savannah’s slaves start sneaking away to the islands off the coast to join the Yankees, both Phin and Cordelia get caught up in questions they never thought they’d have to ask–questions that threaten the very dreams of a future they’d cherished.



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