Although I have never been anorexic, I found Mel’s obsession with food and exercise to be disturbing to me personally. In fact I had difficulty forcing myself to finish this book. It was more than uncomfortable to literally find myself within the mind of a person who seemed to be quite mentally disturbed, even if it was only on through the pages in a book. I suppose one could say that might be the indication of a very talented writer and I would not argue that point.

Overall the writing was excellent and the author did an excellent job with characterization and her vivid setting descriptions. I found myself wanting to shake Mel more than once due to the insane choices she made, especially setting off totally unprepared for such a long journey on foot by herself when her health was already precarious.

I was happy with the kind people she encountered along the way who took her under their wings and ministered to her and that she grew stronger and healthier as a result. However, I was uncomfortable with her view of God and was never convinced that she came to a true understanding of the Gospel.

I voluntarily reviewed a copy of this book provided by Revell, a division of Baker Publishing Group. A favorable review was not required. All views expressed are my own.


The journey toward healing starts with a single brave step–but it is never walked alone

Mel Ellis knows that her eating disorder is ruining her life. Everyone tells her rehab is her best option, but she can’t bring herself to go. Broke, broken, and empty in more ways than one, Mel launches one last-ditch effort to make hers a story worth telling. She will walk her own road to recovery along the lesser-known trails of the North American wilderness.

Though she is physically and mentally unprepared to face the difficulties that lay ahead, she sets off on foot from Michigan. Her goal? Mount Rainier National Park in Washington State. During the long journey, she meets strangers with their own stories, as well as ghosts from her past who can no longer be ignored. But though the land she travels threatens her success at every turn, it’s her own dark thoughts she’ll have to overcome in order to find peace in the life and the body she has been given.

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Autumn Lytle identifies with a strange group of humans who enjoy running long distances and writing even longer books. Along with being a forever-recovering anorexic and exercise addict, she is a weirdly good checkers player and finder of four-leaf clovers. She spends her days thinking up stories and trying to figure out this whole parenting thing with her son. She can often be found out exploring her hometown of Seattle, Washington, with her family in tow. Learn more at