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Loss Of Carrier
BookSurge Publishing (October 27, 2009)
Russ White

Russ White is an internationally recognized internetwork engineer. He has co-authored eight books in the field of network design and routing protocols and is a regular speaker at international networking conferences.

In addition to working on several expert and senior-level network engineering certifications, he is a certified firearms instructor.

Russ, his wife, and their two children live in the Raleigh area of North Carolina, where they enjoy spending time on Jordan Lake and attending Colonial Baptist Church. Loss of Carrier is his first novel.


Bright yellow cables against a blue shirt? Carl never would have approved of that color combination. Why was his face so white? His eyes should be closed, not open. Why hadn’t one of the security guards seen this and reported it to the police? The lights were off, the cameras were useless in the dark.

Of course, the cables wrapped around Carl’s neck explained why the server wasn’t working. Loss of carrier.

Jess Wirth lives a dreary life. He spends most of his time crammed inside a cubicle, toiling as a network engineer and stewing over the details of his ugly divorce. But when he finds his co-worker dead in the basement of their office, Jess’s life takes a surprising—and unpleasant—turn.

The police quickly declare the death a suicide, but Jess isn’t so sure. Not long after he begins digging into the victim’s work, another co-worker turns up dead, convincing him once and for all that something sinister is brewing behind the cubicle walls.

His investigation leads him to a mysterious woman name Leah, who pushes him to entrust her with the information he’s collected about his dead colleagues. Wary of Leah’s motives yet inexorably drawn to her, Jess keeps her at arm’s length…until an attempt is made on both their lives. Realizing they are close on the trail of a dangerous criminal, the pair race to expose a data theft ring before they become the killer’s next victims.

If you would like to read the first chapter of Loss Of Carrier, go HERE


I was not sure what to expect when I opened Loss Of Carrier. Although I am fairly proficient with a computer, my knowledge has been self-taught and I have never been in a network environment. To my surprise, I found this book very readable and enjoyable. The plot moves along quickly and the characters are somewhat different than in the normal suspense novel. I don’t think I have read one yet with a computer geek as the main character but it works.

Like another reviewer, I noticed several misspellings and grammatical errors. I can’t help it – I used to be a proofreader. Fortunately, the narrative was good enough for me to overlook the errors and enjoy it. This story has plenty of action and suspense, a touch of romance, and good spiritual content. I would say that we should keep an eye on Russ White. He has great potential.