I have been a huge fan of Kristen Heitzmann’s contemporary novels for several years and have probably read most of them. I have quite a few of her historicals on my bookshelf but for some reason (maybe too many books!) have not got around to reading any of them. I am so glad that Bethany House offered me a copy of The Rose Legacy to review because I will now make it a point to read the others I have.

The primary character Carina is quite the spunky lady who decides to make a life for herself in Crystal, Colorado after a heartbreaking betrayal by her fiance. Upon her arrival in Crystal, she finds that everything is far different from what was presented in the advertisement she answered. As she settles into life in Crystal, two very different men become involved in her life. Neither man is what he seems on the surface – but then Carina is not exactly what they expect either.

The Rose Legacy is a beautifully written novel with plenty of danger, drama, suspense, romance, and even a little humor. The historical element is enlightening and the reader can easily imagine herself back in the days of an early mining town. I highly recommend this book and all others by the author.

This book was provided to me for review by Bethany House Publishers.


RoseLegacyDiamond of the Rockies #1

Fleeing her idyllic home in Sonoma, California, Carina Maria DiGratia journeys to the mining town of Crystal, Colorado. Clinging to hopes of a new life, she finds reality has a harsh welcome for her. Overrun with men seeking their fortune and women bound by circumstance, the town hosts both dreams and nightmares, with little surety for tomorrow. But at least here Carina is far from the betrayal that still pierces her heart. Early on, two men vie for her trust, but neither is what he seems. Will Carina discern the truth and confront the turmoil hidden in her own heart in time to prevent tragedy?


heitzmann_photoKristen learned to read at age four in the sit-on-the-floor school her father taught at home. That was the start of her love affair with stories. Skipping kindergarten, she went to first grade at five and dove into learning with a passion. In elementary school, she wrote and illustrated her own miniature books and the highlight of the week was the mile and a half walk to the book mobile.

A bit of a tomboy, she and her brother played numerous make believe games of cowboys and Indians. She played the Indian because the toy bow really shot arrows (a distinct advantage over caps.) Other early interests were catching frogs and exploring, playing baseball and football, and any form of art she could put her hand to. She studied violin from age seven to seventeen, taught herself piano, guitar, recorder and tambourine.

Of her three main interests, art, music and writing, she chose to study English at the University of Colorado and thrived on Creative Writing and Literature classes. She married her husband Jim, and turned her energy to building a family. They have four children whom they have home schooled for all or most of their education. Kristen is a music minister with the ecumenical covenant community People of Praise.

Once she realized the stories in her head were truly a calling from the Lord, she made writing not just a passion, but a ministry. She has written seven historical fiction novels as part of the The Rocky Mountain Legacy series and the Diamond of the Rockies series. Most recently, she has written seven contemporary fiction novels: Twilight, A Rush of Wings, The Still of Night, Halos, Secrets, Unforgotten, and Freefall.

Writing is not only a passion for Kristen, it is a commission, her way of sharing the themes of grace and forgiveness and dependence on Christ. She believes God gave her a voice, and she joyfully uses the talent for His glory.

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