Isolation is probably the scariest book I’ve read since I gave up secular horror novels many years ago. I had experienced many nightmares and demonic harassment that stopped when I changed my reading material. Isolation is a different type horror story. Yes, there is definitely evil stirring throughout the book, including some violent and bloody scenes. However, the beleaguered characters have a divine help and a hope that is absent from most traditional horror stories. In the midst of all the strange and frightening things that are happening to the Miller family, Thrasher deals realistically with the doubts, fears, hopelessness, and feelings of abandonment that occur in many Christians’ lives when their prayers seem to go unanswered, especially during times of great stress. Focusing on the need for spiritual warfare, Isolation graphically illustrates the concept of the light that shines through the darkness.

Isolation is the first book I’ve read by Travis Thrasher. After reading it, I can’t imagine how I’ve missed his other novels. I will definitely be checking them out in the near future. I hope you will too.