After growing up on a Missouri farm with three older brothers, Sarah McCabe was eager for adventure and to prove her independence. Certain that city life was the only life for her, she accepted a job as governess to Captain Brian Sinclair’s four children after an opportunity in Chicago fell through. Sarah soon found herself torn between Richard Navis who exemplified Sarah’s idea of a perfect man and Captain Sinclair who turned the charm on and off as needed to manipulate Sarah. She could easily love Richard but his desire to run his family farm convinced her that he could not be the man for her. Captain Sinclair could offer her the life she desired but was it possible for him to be interested in anyone other than himself?

Uncertain Heart is an enjoyable story with a wide range of characters. Richard, always a faithful friend and the proper gentleman is the perfect hero. Captain Sinclair is the epitome of a self-centered cad who uses people for his own purposes. And Sarah is a young woman with a caring heart but who is still naive enough to be taken in by Captain Sinclair’s charm and overlook the true prize she has in Richard. The book is kept interesting by many plot twists and a surprise ending the reader doesn’t see coming. With a theme that stresses integrity and a strong message of faith, Uncertain Heart is well worth reading.

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“It’s just as easy to love a rich man as a poor man,” the adage goes. But is the dream of fancy clothes, mansions, and fine dining worth compromising your morals and faith? Sarah McCabe must find her answer in Andrea Boeshaar’s  Uncertain Heart, book two in the Seasons of Redemption series.

The Civil War is over. Sarah longs to escape the country and experience the finer things in life, so she leaves her home in Jericho Junction, Missouri, to become a governess in Milwaukee. Her rich and dashing employer, Brian Sinclair, shows an attraction to Sarah but doesn’t share her beliefs.

Richard, however, does. Richard Navis is Mr. Sinclair’s steward. He is kind, thoughtful, handsome…and harbors an unfortunate desire to leave his city job to be a farmer. Sarah has no interest in a rural farm life, even while her interest in Richard grows.

Does she sacrifice love to get the lifestyle she wants? Or will love be enough?


Andrea Boeshaar is a published author of both fiction and nonfiction, a public speaker, and a certified Christian life coach. She served on the Advisory Board of ACFW (American Christian Fiction Writers) and is one of the organization’s cofounders. She has been married to her husband, Daniel, for over 30 years, and together they have three sons and four grandchildren.