Shade is one of the more unconventional Christian novels I have had the privilege to read. From the very first scene until the conclusion, the reader is challenged right along with the characters to decide what is really the truth. Is the ominous dark shadow that stalks Hailey real or is it just a figment of her imagination or even schizophrenia? Are the warnings from the homeless giant Melchi valid or is he also delusional? Shade is a tale that will keep the reader engaged until the very end in order to uncover the answers.

John Olson has set the stage perfectly for the horror filled narrative. Fog laced San Francisco is the ideal backdrop and the goth culture of young vampire wannabees adds another dimension to the story. Incorporating the legends about the gypsy vampire Mulo (the undead) adds even more suspense. But the faith based motivation of the primary characters is what sets Shade apart from other books in this genre.

I would highly recommend Shade to all fans of horror fiction, especially to those who are tired of the blood, gore, and negative message found in many books of this type.

Download a Sample Chapter of Shade (PDF)