It seems as though I have read and reviewed quite a few novels by Melody Carlson recently so when I was offered yet another one to review, I assumed it was a new one and wondered just how she is able to turn out so many quality books so quickly. In searching for a bit more information about the book, I learned that Homeward was first published in July of 1997 (14 years ago) and has just been released for Kindle. In my opinion, its story and message is just as relevant today as it was when Melody first wrote it.

I have always heard that “You can’t go home again.” Homeward not only proves that you can but that sometimes that is exactly where you need to be – both for yourself and for others.

When Meg Lancaster’s engagement falls apart, she is prompted to return to Briar Hedge, her grandparent’s home. Although she has had very little contact with her family in many years after a particularly hurtful incident, she feels that she needs to see her grandmother one more time. What she discovers when she reconnects with members of her family surprise Meg and may just change her life forever.

Homeward is a story about second chances, forgiveness, and restoration. There is one scene near the end that could have easily been written with a more negative outcome that would have been justified, but the scene was so perfect the way it was written.

The more I read of Melody Carlson’s books, the more I am touched by her wisdom and grasp of human emotions, whether it is an adult novel or one of her teen books. This author will always occupy a space near the top of my recommended list.

Homeward was a RITA award winner and is now available as an e-book for $2.99.

A digital copy of this book was provided for review by Glass Road Public Relations.

From bestselling author Melody Carlson comes this award-winning story of three generations of Lancaster women. For twenty years Meg Lancaster has avoided Briar Hedge, the Lancaster family estate. Now she has been drawn back to her grandmother’s home to uncover secrets that have been hidden for decades and to try to regain the family she long ago abandoned.

Winner of Romance Writers of America Rita Award.



Melody Carlson has published over 200 books, making her one of the top 20 most prolific authors of all time. With total sales of over 1.4 million her award- winning books include: Homeward, Love Finds You in Sisters, Oregon; Limelight; the Diary of a Teenage Girl series; the True Colors series; and the Charter House Girls series.

Melody has worn many hats: from pre-school teacher to political activist to senior editor. Currently, she writes full-time, and freelances from her home. She has two grown sons and lives in Sisters, Oregon with her husband, Chris, and Bailey, her chocolate lab.