“Treasuring Emma” is a bit different from most Amish novels I have read. In most stories, the heroine is described as pretty or beautiful despite her plain lifestyle. In this novel, the impression is given that Emma is overweight and unattractive with “stubby” fingers. However that concept of her appearance comes primarily from three sources – her own view of herself and from the impressions of two men. Of course one of those men sees her as fat and the other views her as curvy so it seems as though her appearance is dependent upon the point of view. I prefer to believe that Emma is a full-figured woman who does not fit the current popular slim model.

Another difference is that this is the first Amish novel in which I’ve run across an Amish con artist, a young man who makes a habit of manipulating people for his own gain. As the book progresses, his personality and intentions become darker and darker which adds a unique twist to the story.

Like other reviewers, I noticed that the back cover copy and what actually occurred in the novel were not in agreement but I can’t blame that on the author. I have noticed this type discrepancy before and I believe that the publishers should be more careful because this leaves a bad impression. I feel the same way about cover art that is entirely different from what is described in the book. How about a bit closer proofreading before the book goes to print?

Overall, “Treasuring Emma” was a pretty good read. It contained elements I have come to expect with Amish novels including the prodigal who has a change of heart and returns home and reunites with a former love who has pined for him since he left.  The secondary plot with Emma’s sister Clara and her husband Peter added a touch of reality as they struggled in their marriage. A primary lesson gleaned from the story is the importance of depending upon God rather than yourself or others.

“Treasuring Emma” may not be for everyone but those who truly enjoy Amish fiction should like it.

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Emma always put the needs of others ahead of her own. When will it be her turn to be treasured?

Adam was her first love and best friend. But then he went away. Determined to experience the freedom of living in the Englisch world, he left Emma heart-broken. How could he have chosen the world over her?

Now Adam is back in Middlefield and Emma can’t seem to keep him away from her family’s farm. But this time she’s determiend to guard her heart. It might be love that keeps him there . . . or perhaps just guilt.

When a newcomer arrives in town and shows an interest in Emma, she dismisses Adam’s insistence that she be cautious. All this attention is new to her and she doesn’t know quite how to accept it. Emma knows her Heavenly Father treasures her. But will her new beau?


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