Blue Man by John L. Moore


Blue Man is one of those books that turns out to be more than meets the eye. On the surface it is an exciting story about an old cowboy, who also happens to be able to interpret dreams, is called to Washington D.C. to interpret a dream that has disturbed the President’s sleep for several nights. Once done, he returns home to continue chasing an old rogue cow who seems to avoid every attempt at capture. Of course we all know the story doesn’t end there.

This book is filled with secrets and hidden agendas. It is a story of good intentions gone horribly wrong and people in power who will do anything to achieve their goals. It is also a story of a good, strong man with integrity whose determination to follow the Lord’s leading manages to get him in more trouble than he bargained for.

I did enjoy reading Blue Man although there were a few details that were eerily way too close to what is happening in our world today. Anyone who enjoys a good tale with a supernatural twist and some good old-fashioned spiritual warfare should pick up a copy soon.

I voluntarily reviewed a copy of this book provided by Jones Literary. A favorable review was not required. All views expressed are my own.


“We are moving into dramatic days. The veil between the natural and the supernatural worlds is becoming very thin. You will not have the next Great Awakening or End-Times Revival without supernatural encounters.”

Ezra Riley is a hardened Montana cowboy who prefers the hills, cattle and horses to cities … but a unique gift for dream interpretation has him secretly taken to the hite House, where the president is suffering from recurring nightmares. Riley’s
encounter with the president launches a series of attacks by the man behind the nightmares, William Anderson Hall—an elderly master spy and pioneer in the CIA’s experiments with psychic powers and hallucinogens, who in a remote compound in Virginia, has invested 30 years and untold millions creating the ultimate psychic warrior—Blue Man.


John L. Moore is an award-winning novelist and journalist. He’s published seven novels, several non-fiction books and over 2,000 articles, poems, short stories, columns and reviews. A third-generation Montana rancher best known for his western classic, “The Breaking of Ezra Riley” and a pioneer in the Christian fiction genre, he is the winner of numerous awards, including a 2015 Will Rogers Medallion Award for Western Fiction for his sixth novel, “Looking for Lynne”. Active in ministry for over a quarter century, Moore has appeared in four documentaries due to his knowledge of the history of horses on the Northern Great Plains. He is a member of the Montana Cowboy Hall of Fame and the
Montana Pro Rodeo Hall of Fame.


  • 2015 Will Rogers Medallion Award winner for Western Fiction (“Looking for Lynne”)
  • Has been published over 2,000 times
  • Author of multiple bestselling books
  • Lifelong cattle rancher
  • Award-winning novelist and journalist
  • 25+ years in spirit-led ministry, deliverance, home churches
  • 51 years writing professionally

The Barrister and the Letter of Marque by Todd M. Johnson


I wasn’t sure what to expect when I received a copy of The Barrister and the Letter of Marque to review. I was not particularly in the right mood  when I began to read it and was tempted to put it down for later. It did get off to a slow start but I persisted and after a few chapters I got caught up in the story and had no desire to stop reading before I reached the end.

I know other reviewers have mentioned a few historical errors but I tend to slide right by those because I’m all about the story and this one was quite intriguing. Although it is somewhat unusual for a Regency type novel to be written from a man’s point of view, The Barrister and the Letter of Marque was a refreshing detour from the usual. The legal details involved in solving the case as well as the mystery and suspense that accompanied them made for a story that wouldn’t let go. I loved the fact that there was very little romance involved but the plot and mysterious atmosphere were almost perfect.

I am not particularly acquainted with this author’s other novels but I sincerely hope that he will continue with more along this line. I liked it quite a lot.

I voluntarily reviewed a copy of this book provided by Bethany House, a division of Baker Publishing Group. A favorable review was not required. All views expressed are my own.


As a barrister in 1818 London, William Snopes has witnessed firsthand the danger of only the wealthy having their voices heard, and he’s a strong advocate who defends the poorer classes against the powerful. That changes the day a struggling heiress, Lady Madeleine Jameson, arrives at his door.

In a last-ditch effort to save her faltering estate, Lady Jameson invested in a merchant brig, the Padget. The ship was granted a rare privilege by the king’s regent: a Letter of Marque authorizing the captain to seize the cargo of French traders operating illegally in the Indian Sea. Yet when the Padget returns to London, her crew is met by soldiers ready to take possession of their goods and arrest the captain for piracy. And the Letter–the sole proof his actions were legal–has mysteriously vanished.

Moved by the lady’s distress, intrigued by the Letter, and goaded by an opposing solicitor, Snopes takes the case. But as he delves deeper into the mystery, he learns that the forces arrayed against Lady Jameson, and now himself, are even more perilous than he’d imagined.

Read an excerpt HERE.


Todd M. Johnson ( has practiced as an attorney for over 30 years, specializing as a trial lawyer. A graduate of Princeton University and the University of Minnesota Law School, he also taught for two years as adjunct professor of International Law and served as a US diplomat in Hong Kong. He lives outside Minneapolis, Minnesota, with his wife and daughter.

Carved in Stone by Elizabeth Camden


Carved in Stone proved to me once again the reason books by Elizabeth Camden are always on my must read list. Fortunately for my pocketbook I frequently have the opportunity to receive a review copy as I did with this book. Nevertheless, if I did not receive a review copy I would definitely purchase my own copy of any of her books as soon as available.

After recently completing the Hope and Glory series, I didn’t think Camden could ever top it. Carved in Stone has a very good chance of being equally good if the rest of the series follows its example. Not that this author ever writes a mediocre book!

At first glance the plot seems to involve a wealthy young woman and a talented young lawyer who grew up in much reduced circumstances by comparison. Set on opposite sides of an important case involving her family, Gwen and Patrick somehow find themselves working together to discover the truth.

I thoroughly enjoyed this historical romance that included everything I most enjoy in a novel. The plot moved along at a steady pace with interesting bits of historical fact woven in. Characters were well-rounded and practically walked off the pages. To make it even more interesting, a touch of mystery and suspense, a little action, and a perfect romance topped it off.

All readers who love their history mixed with mystery and romance should greatly enjoy Carved in Stone.

I voluntarily reviewed a copy of this book provided by the author and Bethany House, a division of Baker Publishing Group. A favorable review was not required. All views expressed are my own.


Her gilded world holds a deeply hidden secret.

After years of tragedy, Gwen Kellerman now lives a quiet life as a botanist at an idyllic New York college. She largely ignores her status as heiress to the infamous Blackstone dynasty and hopes to keep her family’s heartbreak and scandal behind her.

Patrick O’Neill survived a hardscrabble youth to become a lawyer for the downtrodden Irish immigrants in his community. He’s proud of his work, even though he struggles to afford his ramshackle law office. All that changes when he accepts a case that is sure to emphasize the Blackstones’ legacy of greed and corruption by resurrecting a thirty-year-old mystery.

Little does Patrick suspect that the Blackstones will launch their most sympathetic family member to derail him. Gwen is tasked with getting Patrick to drop the case, but the old mystery takes a shocking twist neither of them saw coming. Now, as they navigate a burgeoning attraction and growing danger, Patrick and Gwen will be forced to decide if the risk to the life they’ve always held dear is worth the reward.

Read an excerpt HERE.


Elizabeth Camden ( is best known for her historical novels set in Gilded Age America, featuring clever heroines and richly layered storylines. Before she was a writer, she was an academic librarian at some of the largest and smallest libraries in America, but her favorite is the continually growing library in her own home. Her novels have won the RITA and Christy Award and have appeared on the CBA bestsellers list. She lives in Orlando, Florida, with her husband, who graciously tolerates her intimidating stockpile of books.

Hangin’ by a Moment by Andrea Christenson

Welcome to the Blog + Review Tour for Hangin’ by a Moment by Andrea Christenson presented by Susan May Warren, hosted by JustRead Publicity Tours!


There are several fictional small towns that I would love to live in and one at the top of the list would be Susan May Warren’s Deep Haven, Minnesota. Except for the winters – it gets quite cold enough here in Tennessee for me. I absolutely love Warren’s brilliant idea and her generosity in publishing new novels by beginning authors set in Deep Haven, even to the point of including some of her own characters from previous novels. I have been a fan of Susan May Warren for many years and I have even more respect for her talent and integrity now.

Hangin’ by a Moment is the latest book in the newest Deep Haven series and is penned by Andrea Christenson. With a hero and heroine that readers will be sure to love, the story features Jack (Win) Stewart who has just been released from prison with nowhere to go and is invited by his good friend Boone to spend some time in Deep Haven. Boone has even found him a job and a place to live. Colleen Decker is an ER nurse whose recent traumatic experience has triggered enough anxiety that she returns home to Deep Haven, intending to spend a week or two before returning to work at the hospital. Obviously God has other plans for both Colleen and Jack who quickly find themselves working together and encouraged to join the local crisis response team.

As I can always expect, Hangin’ by a Moment is action-packed with life threatening emergencies, lovable down home characters, ample humor, and a complicated romance. It is always fun to run across characters from previous books in passing but I particularly liked how the main focus was on Jack and Colleen. And mixed in with all the fun, romance, and action is a serious lesson on learning the purpose God has for one’s life as well as learning to forgive oneself for mistakes and move on to better things.

Another lovely Deep Haven story that will be sure to delight readers who are already fans and could very well bring new fans to the club.

I voluntarily reviewed a copy of this book provided by Just Read Publicity. A favorable review was not required. All views expressed are my own.


Title: Hangin’ by a Moment

Series: Deep Haven Collection #5

Author: Andrea Christenson presented by Susan May Warren

Publisher: Sunrise Publishing

Release Date: September 14, 2021

Genre: Christian Contemporary Romance

He just wants to erase his past. She can’t seem to escape hers. But facing it might put their future in jeopardy.

The day Jack Stewart walked out of jail, he vowed to keep his conviction a secret. The whole thing was just a terrible mistake, and he did his time. Now he wants a new life in a sleepy town where no one knows his name. Deep Haven is the perfect place to start over as a chef. The last thing the former pararescue jumper wants is to get involved. But when Boone Buckam—the guy he owes for getting him out of the slammer—asks for help, how can he refuse?

Colleen Decker has already escaped evil once—as a teenager, she was kidnapped by a murderer. But she’s put all that behind her as a trauma nurse in Minneapolis. Or maybe not, because a freak mistake in the ER sends her past crashing down on her. She needs a timeout in her hometown of Deep Haven. She doesn’t plan to stay—even when she’s roped into the job of flight nurse for the town’s Crisis Response Team chopper. Colleen’s not sure why she’s drawn to danger, but she’ll be safe enough—after all, she’ll need training, and her teacher is a handsome former pararescue jumper. What could go wrong?

When Jack said he didn’t want to get involved, he especially meant his heart—but being with Colleen feels like a fresh start. He’ll even climb aboard a chopper again, despite his vows.  They’re headed for a happy ending…

But secrets never stay buried in a small town. And when disaster strikes one snowy night, they’ll both have to decide if the past will destroy them…or if it just might lead them home.

Cozy up to this perfect Deep Haven drama about discovering a season of second chances.

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Susan May Warren is the USA Today best-selling novelist of 80 books. With more than 1.5 million books in print, she is beloved by reviewers and readers around the world. Visit Susan at

CONNECT WITH SUSAN: Website | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

Andrea Christenson lives in a Minneapolis, MN suburb with her husband and two daughters. When she is not busy homeschooling her girls, she loves to read anything she can get her hands on. She believes that a great loaf of artistic bread can turn a meal into a masterpiece. Andrea’s prayer is to write stories revealing God’s love.

CONNECT WITH ANDREA: Website | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

Merging the creative energies of best-selling authors Susan May Warren and Lindsay Harrel, Sunrise Publishing is the matchmaker for established authors who want to build on their current success for future growth and aspiring authors looking to break out, build an audience, and hone their writing skills.

CONNECT WITH SUNRISE: Website | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter |


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Secrets in the Mist by Morgan L. Busse


I have enjoyed several books by Morgan L. Busse so I eagerly looked forward to her latest, Secrets in the Mist, book one of her Skyworld steampunk series.  The author wasted no time plunging me deep into her imaginary world of people who lived high on mountains or even on islands in the sky as it was the only way to escape the deadly green mist that covered the lands below.

As in most societies Skyworld contained several classes of people – from the ruling elite five families to the lowest poor folks who were constantly on the move as they attempted to escape the encroaching mist or to avoid the most recent purge ordered by the rulers.

Heroine Cass and hero Theo were from opposite ends of society but discovered how much they had in common on a shared adventure into lands covered by the mist. Their story takes place in an imaginary land that is still suffering the aftereffects of a war that took place 200 years earlier. It is a world where the mist covered land is populated by zombie-like people and the sky is filled with zippers and balloon driven ships. It is a fantasy world that is equally a dream and a nightmare.

I thoroughly enjoyed Secrets in the Mist and can’t wait to see what Theo and Cass will encounter next.

I voluntarily reviewed a digital copy of this book provided by Celebrate Lit. A favorable review was not required. All views expressed are my own.


Book:  Secrets in the Mist

Author: Morgan L. Busse

Genre: Science Fiction/Fantasy

Release date: August 10, 2021

Click here to get your copy!

What’s lurking in the Mist is the least of their worries…

In a world where humanity lives in the sky to escape a deadly mist below, Cass’s only goal is survival. That is, until she finds a job on the airship Daedalus as a diver. Now she explores ruined cities, looking for treasure and people’s lost heirlooms until a young man hires her to find the impossible: a way to eradicate the Mist.

Theodore Winchester is a member of one of the Five Families that rule the skies. Following in his father’s footsteps, he searches for the source of the Mist and hopes to stop the purges used to control overpopulation. But what he finds are horrifying secrets and lethal ambition. If he continues his quest, it could mean his own death.

The Mist is rising and soon the world will be enveloped in its deadly embrace, turning what’s left of humanity into the undead.


Morgan L. Busse is a writer by day and a mother by night. She is the author of the Follower of the Word series and the award-winning steampunk series, The Soul Chronicles. Her debut novel, Daughter of Light, was a Christy and Carol Award finalist. During her spare time she enjoys playing games, taking long walks, and dreaming about her next novel.


I’m afraid to fly. At first, I tried to ignore it. Then the panic attacks came. And the one time I accidentally grabbed my neighbor’s arm during turbulence, which was really embarrassing. But it was when I was waiting for my flight at the airport and felt like I was going to burst into tears right there at the gate that I knew I needed help.

I didn’t want to stop flying. I love traveling! But the fear of plummeting to the ground scared me, so I talked to my doctor and was given medicine to help me calm down. The problem is it made me really groggy. But hey, at least I could fly again.

Then I started writing Secrets in the Mist. Half of this book is about flying and one third is hang gliding. You know, flying with just a kite on your back. To write realistically about hang gliding, I started studying the sport. I read all the articles I could find, watched a lot of YouTube videos, and in the end spent over 10 hours immersing myself in the sky.

As I first imagined, then wrote each scene in Secrets in the Mist, something started to happen. I started to lose my fear of flying. It wasn’t the first time I tried to read the science behind flight to help me lose my fear of flying, but this time, I was doing it in my head. I was feeling the air and wind, tilting my glider, catching the air drafts, and not just understanding how to fly in my mind, but also with my heart.

I realized a plane couldn’t fall out of the sky just like my character couldn’t fall out of the sky. That an experienced flyer understood what to do in storms and sudden gusts of wind. And should the plane actually lose its engines, the pilot would help it glide to the ground the same way my gliders eased their way to a landing.

Not only that, by creating the exhilarating feelings my character felt when she was gliding began to seep into my psyche. I felt her joy and freedom, her lack of fear, and even more, how she felt more connected to God when it was just her, the wind, and the sky. I saw the beauty of flying through my character’s eyes.

I can fly now. Without medication. I actually enjoy the takeoffs and the feeling of the plane gliding through the air. Will I try hang gliding someday? Probably not, I still hate heights. But I never dreamed that writing about flying would help me overcome my fear of it. This is the power of imagination, and the power of story.



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