“Where Wildflowers Bloom” is a historical romance set in the small Missouri town of Noble Springs shortly after the end of the Civil War. Faith Lindberg and her grandfather are all that remain of their family and each one of them deals with their memories and grief differently. Faith’s dream is to move west to Washington where she is sure there won’t be so many reminders to make her sad. Her grandfather, however is determined to remain in Noble Springs for the rest of his days.

Faith soon has the attention of two young men, one who had been the focus of a schoolgirl crush and the other a new resident in town. In many ways, Faith was extremely naive and one of her suitors took advantage of it while the other spent his time trying to protect her. Unfortunately her very naivete’ kept Faith blinded to the truth for far too long.

The author’s vivid word pictures transport the reader back to a small midwest town where its citizens bravely move on with their lives after the war. With many dramatic, romantic, and humorous scenes, the narrative held my interest until the end. There is even a hint of mystery thrown in for good measure.

Some reviewers have described this book as “predictable”. Well, as many books as I have read in my lifetime of voracious reading, I have become fairly adept at guessing the direction a book will go and how things will end up. It was no different with “Where Wildflowers Bloom” but being pretty certain which man Faith would end up with was incidental to the enjoyment I received as I read their story. I for one do not mind a little predictability as long as the story is a good one. In my opinion, “Where Wildflowers Bloom” was excellent.

If you enjoy Christian historical fiction, don’t hesitate to pick up a copy of “Where Wildflowers Bloom”. It and the author’s earlier books are all well worth reading.

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How far will she go to follow her dreams?

Civil War stole a father and brother from Faith Lindberg–as well as Royal Baxter, the man she wanted to marry. With only her grandfather left, she dreams of  leaving Noble Springs, Missouri, and traveling west to Oregon to start a new life, away from the memories that haunt her. But first she must convince her grandfather to sell the family’s mercantile and leave a town their family has called home for generations.

When Royal Baxter suddenly returns, Faith allows herself to hope that she and Royal will finally wed. But does he truly love her? Or will another man claim her heart?

“Where Wildflowers Bloom invites you to settle down over by the checkerboard at Lindberg’s Mercantile Store and get to know the people of Noble Springs as they put the sorrows of the Civil War behind them and embrace life and love anew. Ann Shorey has come up with an appealing mix of history and romance that readers are sure
to enjoy.”–Ann H. Gabhart, author of The Blessed and Words Spoken True

“The authenticity of Where Wildflowers Bloom transported me straight to post-Civil-War times, yet the characters–their hopes, dreams, conflicts, and fears–all rang contemporarily true. Another winner from Ann Shorey!”–Christina Berry, Christy-nominated and Carol Award-winning author of The Familiar Stranger


Ann Shorey is the author of The Edge of Light, The Promise of Morning, and The Dawn of a Dream. She has also published selections in the Cup of Comfort series and in Chicken Soup for the Grandma’s Soul. Shorey lives with her husband, Richard, in Oregon.