The Begotten by Lisa T. BergrenWhile The Begotten has all the elements that compose a good novel, it also caused me to reflect on similarities of the historical setting of the book and our present day lives. I definitely don’t claim to have all the answers (far from it), but these are some of my thoughts brought to the surface by this book.

In medieval Italy, the church frowned on individual citizens possessing a copy of the Bible, stating that only the “church” could properly interpret it. Today the Bible is the best selling book in the U.S., yet how many of us actually read it for ourselves? Even though we are free to interpret it for ourselves, we rely on our pastors, our Sunday school and Bible study literature, Christian television and radio personalities, and the wealth of Christian books available to us. How do we know what to believe if we don’t test the scripture for ourselves?

We have many different views on just the one subject of spiritual gifts. On one hand we have well known dispensational teachers and authors telling us that spiritual gifts are not relevant for today. On the other hand we have charismatic and pentecostal teachers and writers stating that the gifts are very much still active. Who do we believe? Do we blindly follow everything we are told by whatever leaders we follow? Do we accept what meets our personal comfort levels or do we seek the leading of the Holy Spirit through careful study of Scripture?

It is easy to understand the confusion of the characters of The Begotten as they struggle with the teaching of the church and the leading of the Lord because we face similar issues ourselves. We only have to watch the news to know that evil is still active and increasing. We are surrounded by lost and hurting people who need the hope that we possess. Heaven only knows that we need the power of God in our lives to meet these challenges. Just maybe, we should step out in faith like Daria, Father Piero, Gianni, and the others to see where and how the Lord leads us. Could it be that we are also among the Gifted?

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