Flee From Evil


Connie Almony is an author to keep your eye on. Not only are her novels well written and easy to read but she is not afraid to tackle tough issues in them. That she does so with such tact and realism without the crudeness one might find in a secular novel just increases my respect for her writing.

I love Connie’s down-to-earth characters who are broken and have things in their past they would rather not come to the light. Even as strong Christians, their struggle to follow their faith is one most believers should be able to identify with. Despite characters with ugly pasts and only too human personal battles, “Flee From Evil” has a strong message of faith that flows through its pages.

“Flee From Evil” is a romantic suspense novel with a plot that entrapped me until it’s very end. I was not much use around the house until I finished reading it. The story has just the right amount of danger, mystery, and romance with a touch of occasional humor.

I would highly recommend this novel and am considering purchasing a paperback copy for my keeper shelf.

I received a digital copy of this book from the author in exchange for my honest review.


A pastor with a past uses his underworld connections to try and save the child of the woman he wronged many years ago.

Pastor Vince Steegle thought his destructive beginnings were ancient history, but the ramifications of his prior choices just walked in the door of his church. Is Romans 8:28 really true? Can God really make all things good? Or is Vince’s past just too ugly?

After the death of her much-beloved husband, Cassandra Whitaker is looking for security for her children. One, a teen on the cusp of womanhood. The other, a young boy struggling with the effects of autism. But there are those who seek to destroy them. Can Cassandra keep her family safe, or must she flee from evil?


Connie AlmonyShe’s just a suburb gal from the Baltimore-Washington megalopolis. And that’s what Connie Almony’s fiction is about, a diverse population which is truly, and beautifully, colorful.

Trained as a mental health counselor, she hopes you won’t hold that against her. Though this training helps her delve into the motivations that drive her characters, she promises not to therapize you.

Her favorite things to do include listening to awesome Christian Contemporary music (like Third Day and NeedtoBreathe) and read great stories with colorful characters while spending time with her adoring family. She loves to brainstorm with her almost thirteen-year-old daughter, who writes chapter books on the side, and share peaceful moments with her sixteen-year-old son (who’s like a gentle breeze).

The bantering style of her characters is inspired by her husband’s deep love of mischief, particularly that which craves a sharp response ;o). Still, she loves him anyway … which covers a multitude of sins. She’s been married almost twenty years and counts each one better than the one before.

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